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10 must have elements on a webpage

By AMI Blogger | October 3, 2022

Having a well-designed website is a mandatory requirement for any company that wants to make it work in the digital landscape. Making sure a website is received well and is an efficient one means including certain elements in it, so here is a listicle that talks about the 10 most important things a website should have:

  • User-friendly navigation One of the most important elements of a web page is its navigation quotient. Supplementing your product or service with a user-friendly website that is easily discoverable. These days buying experiences are hinged on online experiences, so it should be a priority to provide exactly that to your customers. Consider populating your website with easy navigation, a simple layout, organized options, prominent tabs, and links to the main pages of the website.
  • Website design and layout In the digital age it is also a requirement to have a website design and layout that is eye-catching, this helps as a differentiating point. This is similar to decorating your retail space in an appealing way. Most potential customers take less than a minute to decide if they want to stay on the website or not, so it is extremely important to deliver an appealing website design with a clean layout. Make sure that the web design is an extension of the brand and its ideals so the customer is able to connect the dots as soon as possible and is able to understand what your company offers immediately. Another thing to pay attention to is the usability of the website so having a user-friendly design goes a long way. One good thing about web designing is the freedom of experimentation it offers.
  • Responsive design Since the advent of the internet there has been a sharp spike in the traffic generated by mobile phones, so much so that the number of people using their phones surpasses the number of people using computers. It makes sense to capitalize on these trends as soon as possible by incorporating responsive design.  It is of utmost importance that websites today are responsive to a wide array of devices as well as screen space.
  • Content writing The editorial content that is present on a website is important to consumers and helps the customer gauge and understand what the company is and what it can do for them. It is a good idea to conduct market research, identify the right terminologies used, and use them to target certain specific segments of the market. Good quality content is always a good thing to have on your website.
  • Call to action Call to action or CTA statements are statements that explicitly guide the visitors towards activities (such as subscribing, performing activities, availing of discounts, etc).
  • Testimonials Given that there is raging competition for any product or any service for that matter one of the most efficient ways to distinguish yourself is to show valid testimonials that build the credibility of your brand.
  • Opt-in offer An opt-in offer is an offer the website provides the customer to sign up and participate in the site’s newsletters, promotions, etc. They require the website to collect some sort of contact information from the user.
  • Storytelling Brand loyalty is an important thing to nurture while building a brand, this helps the customer relate to the company and feel more connected to the brand. A good way to put across your brand story is by having an about us section that skillfully and effectively tells your story to your customers. This is also a great way to add a personal touch to your website.
  • FAQ section Most customers have similar queries about things, so it is a good idea to include an FAQ section (frequently answered questions) that answers basic questions and guides the customer, and helps them understand the company as well as what it has to offer.
  • Contact Information It is absolutely essential for your website to have detailed information on the various ways they can be contacted. This also increases the company’s credibility immensely

On a concluding note, having an efficient website that has all the appropriate elements is extremely important. These are just some of the most important elements that a website must have to be seen as appealing.

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