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Top 5 web apps for the year 2022

By AMI Blogger | October 4, 2022

Web applications are all the rage right now, web apps are programs that are accessed via the internet and will adapt to any device that you are using to view them, these applications do not have to be downloaded or installed. Web applications require a good internet connection to be functional.

Another thing to note here about these web apps is that they are built using Javascript, CSS, and HTML5. Given the recent changes and trends in the digital landscape it makes sense to mention the growing trend of progressive web apps (PWAs), these PWAs can function efficiently without a stable internet connection. They do not have to be downloaded, easy to maintain, will update themselves, and are easy to build.

Now that we know what exactly web applications are, here is a short listicle illustrating the 5 top web apps of the year 2022:


Starbucks initially launched their app in the year 2015, however, they recently released a PWA version of the same that is far more efficient and more accessible in comparison to their original release.

Some features of it are:
  • Fast
  • Extremely responsive
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Smooth animations
  • Product customization

Flipboard is essentially an app that collects stories from around the world for users to be informed as well as involved. Considering that it is one of the world’s most popular social magazines, it makes it possible for its readers and users to stay abreast with whatever topics they want, newsworthy happenings, as well as events (all in one place).

Some features of it are:
  • Can be accessed by desktop users
  • Minimized data usage
  • Enables a quick and fast browsing experience
  • Increases core engagement drastically (68%)

Forbes in an American magazine that dabbles in business-related content, marketing,  investments, technology, as well as finance. They are however much more than just a magazine, they are a global media company that has an incredible reach.

Some features of their web application are:
  • Extremely fast page load time
  • Availability of push notifications
  • Smooth and instant transitions
  • Light themed design
  • Significant increase in user engagement
  • Increase in readers completing a particular article (6 times)
Make my trip

Make my trip is one of India’s best travel companies, Make my trip wanted to give their customers a sense of reliability with their app and hence decided to launch a PWA version of the web application that offers a seamless experience to their customer base (that is in the millions).

Some features of the web application are:
  • Improved conversion rates (3 times as much)
  • Increased reachability
  • Offers offline access
  • Increase in shopper sessions (about 160%)
  • Increase in last-minute shoppers (about 30%)
  • Improvement in page load time (38%)

Uber is a household name at this point and is known for the impeccable ride services they provide. Given that the company is growing and expanding to newer markets Uber launched a new PWA version of their app to ensure that their users have a better experience interacting with them.

Some features of the web application are:
  • Compatible when it comes to low-end services
  • Lightweight web app
  • Load time is extremely little
  • Extremely convenient offline access to the rides

The aforementioned are the 5 best web apps according to us in the year 2020, however, some special mentions are as follows:

  • Pinterest
  • Book my show
  • Spotify
  • Ali Express
  • Twitter Lite
  • Tinder

It makes sense to mention that most web applications come with a whole array of benefits Some of the advantages of using a web application are as follows:

  • Enables multiple users to access the same version of the application
  • Do not require to be installed
  • Can be accessed through multiple platforms and devices
  • Can be accessed through multiple browsers

On a concluding note, it is obvious that web applications are evolving constantly to accommodate more of the user’s needs as well as pay attention to their convenience. This can be seen clearly in the many apps that we discussed above.

Moreover, web apps are now even evolving to hybrid apps.




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