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How to shortlist emails for email marketing

By AMI Blogger | October 4, 2022

Email marketing as we all know is still considered an effective marketing tool. It has a wide reach and also the ability to communicate with individuals’ personalized prospects. This digital marketing tool could be very beneficial if executed the right way. A prerequisite in order to do so is to have a solid and healthy email list. But how to go about email marketing and shortlist the emails required for it? Here is a short listicle that will tell you just that:

  • Make sure to ask in your social circles One of the easiest ways to get started and go about is by enquiring in your already existing social circles. Starting out with your own network and steadily increasing your mailing list is a convenient way to go. While approaching people with this make sure to illustrate the benefits to them, let them know what they can expect from these emails. Articulate your points well while doing so, and when it comes to actually sending out the emails consider choosing an email template.
  • Ask customers and prospects Go ahead and ask your current customers for their email addresses when they have an interaction with you.  Verbally enquire if they would be interested in signing up for your newsletter or being a part of your subscriber list. Grow your email list gradually by doing this.
  • Encourage your current email subscribers to forward Reaching out to your existing subscribers and encouraging them or producing content that makes them share it is an excellent way to grow your email list. Word of mouth is an extremely potent and organic way to expand. It also makes sense for you to generate emails that are easy to share as well as subscribe to so make sure to choose a template that supports the ease of it. Another effective way to accelerate this is by having a dedicated section for forwarding and sharing.
  • Start offering freebies It is a good idea to collect the email addresses of prospective clients by offering them free goodies at first. As long as your free goodies are relevant to your emails and email marketing you will end up with a sizable amount of relevant and interested subscribers.
  • Run a contest Competitions are the perfect way to go when it comes to collecting data from prospects. Make sure you put out a prize of value for your customers so they will have an incentive. Go ahead and set a time period for this competition as it instills a sense of urgency. This is guaranteed to cast you a wide net and grow your email list significantly.

On a concluding note, we would like to mention that email marketing despite all the advancements in technology has held its ground and is still one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and efficient ways to grow your business. Done right, this could be an extremely advantageous element.

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