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10 Must have pages in E-commerce Websites

By AMI Blogger | September 7, 2022

E-Commerce is a competitive yet rewarding industry. Although there are many big players out there, your website could do wonders if you get the basics right. The most crucial step to successful e-commerce is building a loyal customer base. As most customers would need these goods regularly, making a good first impression is a must. Hence you should build a website with the customer in mind. Making a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate can be a big plus. Following what the customer demands and likes will help you get a good start. This also means that you add pages that will make their experience smoother. Let us have a quick look at the essential pages that you need to build in your eCommerce.


The homepage will be the introduction to your website. This should be made carefully and should be easy to use. The homepage will welcome your customers into your business hence make sure you add everything that you think is important to make a good impression. Make sure you add big headlines that are crisp but convey the message. Think from the users’ point and provide the right flow to the website. Also make sure that CTAs(Call to actions) are big, obvious and legible. You can include featured products, promotions and value propositions such as free shipping.

2.About Us

Ecommerce websites are the mirror to your business and the only way the customers can verify and know about you perhaps. Hence adding all your relevant details without your customers being forced to scroll long is important. It is necessary to understand why they may have landed up on the page. It could be because they want to know more about you and your brand, the success of your business, it could be to check for job openings or even to understand in depth what your business deals with. It could also be to verify the authenticity. So make sure this page answers all these questions well. You can also add customer testimonials to clear your user’s doubts and apprehensions.

3. Contact Us

If a customer has reached this page on your website, it is undoubtedly good news! This means the customer is genuinely interested in perhaps making a purchase. It could also help raise complaints. Either way, this page is essential and all the information should be included such as your hours of operation, contact number, email address and location. Instead of mentioning these you can include these with a call to action like chat now or call us. Make sure this page is given due importance as this also helps Google to find you in your Metadata.

4. Privacy Policy

This may seem like an unnecessary page. But if you think about it more deeply you will understand the importance. These days even big companies like Facebook have been facing trials owing to privacy impeachment. If you want to avoid this( and you should) you need a page that states what kind of data you collect. It could be in terms of cookies or the personal information that you store in your forms, remember that your customers have a right to know. You can build a privacy policy by using online websites that offer such services. 

5. Return Policy

We all will agree on one thing online shopping may be great but it does leave some doubts in our minds. Since the customer has never seen the product in front of them the suspicion increases. Hence to grow your business and clear these doubts, you must state a clear refund policy. This should include the time of grace, pick-up options, and any other requirement for an exchange or return. A well-stated return policy will alleviate the doubt in the mind of the customer that what if I don’t like it. It can also be helpful to add this during the checkout flow.

6. Category Page

As a part of making the user’s journey smooth, you also need to ensure that they can find the relevant products easily. If a product is deep down a list it will be hard for the users to reach it. Hence to convert maximum sales it is vital to have an easy layout for your products. This will also help you with better Google ranking optimization. Make sure that your website’s Google crawl has schema optimized for search. Add all the relevant information to these products so that consumers can make an informed choice. You can include product specifications, product availability, sizes available, pricing, etc. Reviews, related products, and social media sharing can be included too.

7. Sitemap

We have already come across seven different pages that your website needs. Even if it is just seven it could be confusing for your users. To improve sales you must make every page accessible with just two clicks. This will not only be convenient to your users but will also help the search engines to understand what content is there on your website. Search engine optimization(SE0) is of prime importance in boosting sales. And bots don’t read English hence to make it simpler for them to understand your content an XML sitemap is vital. This will ensure all your pages are accessible easily to the users as well as to the BOTS.

8. Login/Create Account

More often than not we don’t remember the passwords of every website. Hence you must provide a provision for your users where all their details can be stored. Details such as card used, items in cart, loyalty points, order history, wishlist management, etc. The option to create a new account hence can help you to attract your users repeatedly. You can also send them reminder messages when they haven’t ordered in a while. Creating an account should be accessible from the login fields, so when a user has not created an account, they can easily do so. After the cart review too, the user can be prompted to log in for a quicker checkout. Also provide an option to checkout As a Guest option, as the user may not want to create an account while checking out.

9. Payment

From a business point of view, the final payment is when you have made a deal. Hence add as many payment options as you can so that no user abandons the product due to a dearth of options. Also collect relevant information such as shipping address, billing address, promo codes, or gift options for a discount. You can also mention the reward points here to boost the incentive involved in buying. Try to include logos of all payment options.

10. Search results

The search option will improve the functionality of your website. Add this option to the navigation bar to allow all users to search for what they are looking for seamlessly.


All the said pointers can help you with a good start in the eCommerce industry. Additionally, you can add your social media pages which can improve your followers as well as help you connect with users daily. You could also add blogs to your website which can significantly increase the number of users to your page.

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