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Adobe XD vs Figma

By AMI Blogger | September 28, 2022

The XD in Adobe XD stands for experience design, It is a tool that is used to make prototypes for the purpose of user experience. Adobe XD is mostly used by designers in the industry in order to create screen designs, wireframes, and prototypes for websites and mobile apps, they help in user interface prototypes to serve the purpose of user testing as well as testing.

Although extremely popular, Adobe XD is not considered to be one of the most competitive tools when it comes to delivering prototypes

Figma is yet another vector-based software that also allows you to edit as well as create graphics, it is also an extremely superior prototyping tool that is meant to also illustrate user experience, user interface, and user experience design while emphasizing real-time collaboration.

Both Figma and adobe XD are vector-based programs that are primarily geared for websites, both these tools are made use of by designers to make prototypes and wireframes.

Although they both serve the same purpose they have different features and benefits to them.

Here is a list of pros and cons of the two software Adobe XD and Figma:

Advantages of Adobe XD:
  • Multiple types of artboards are available The minute you open up the Adobe XD software you will notice that it has multiple canvas samples that are suited for desktops as well as smartphones. You can choose whatever is most appropriate for your business.
  • Tutorials It is extremely daunting to get started on this process, so a big advantage that adobe XD has is that they provide its users with tutorials. This helps the user understand how to use it in an interactive way, the learning curve is not steep with this one.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand interface The interface of this is extremely straightforward and clean. It is one of the easiest software to navigate which contributes to the easy learning of this program.
  • Repeat grid feature This feature is considered one of the best offered by Adobe XD. It lets you drag a particular grid with a repeat grid option that lets you place the dragged grid after that.
  • Convenient prototyping This software is geared towards making it more convenient for designers to make prototypes.
Disadvantages of Adobe XD
  • Geared towards a particular OS The prototyping live feature for smartphones or any real devices for that matter is only operational with the mac operating system.
  • Can not design customized shapes Shapes are obviously a very important element of any designing process,  however Adobe XD does not let you make your own customized shapes. The only shapes they offer are circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles.
Benefits of Figma
  • Allows you to work with multiple users simultaneously One of the best features of Figma is that it lets more than one member work on the designing process at the same time, this promotes collaboration. It goes a step further than that by promoting remote collaboration.
  • Extremely easy to share files Figma truly goes the extra mile to make sure the designers that are using the software can share their work easily among clients and higher-ups if need be.
  • Cloud-based tool This lets all the users access all their files from any computer that has internet services. This eliminates the need for downloading and copying heavy files. The system is completely automated and is hence considered efficient.
  • Multiple methods of selection Figma offers more than one way for a user to select the elements they want in a web design. This obviously makes the designing task much easier.
Cons of Figma
  • Requires an internet connection Figma can not be used without an active internet connection thus making it impossible to work without the internet.
  • Global colors are not present Colours are also an important aspect of prototyping. Figma does not offer its users the option of using global colors. This does not give the designers much flexibility.
  • Requires a great amount of ram and graphics This system requires at least 4GB of RAM and an extremely high-quality graphics card to go along with that. This is definitely a big ask that not every designer can afford. This also leads to clients sometimes facing issues due to system requirements.

On a concluding note, we would like to mention that both Adobe XD and Figma have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no objective better or worse when it comes to choosing a software just a more suited one.

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