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Best backlink creation strategies in 2022

By AMI Blogger | September 9, 2022

Link Building has been part of SEO Strategies for a long time but let’s have a look at the best strategies for getting the most effective backlinks for your website in 2021. Backlinks still remain one of their three most important search engine ranking factors.

The Mainstream Strategies: Guest Posting and Broken Link Building are some of the mainstream strategies for getting backlinks that have been effective for ages and still work.

Guest posting (also called guest blogging) is the strategy of writing blogs/articles for other websites to be published. It’s a strategy of getting backlinks from blogs to your own website in exchange for an article.

Links can be mentioned in different places in the written post. You can place a link in the body of the article anchored to a related keyword or phrase. Writers often put links in the author bio attached at the end of the article, too. Internal links are regarded as more effective because they have a higher click-through rate as users read the blog, rather than once the information has been received.

Overall, there are 2 main types of links that foreign sites allow:

Do-follow – Any link, by default, is a do-follow link. They enable search engines to discover you, which helps to get you added to the search engine’s index.

No-follow – A do-follow link can be manually changed to a no-follow one. These types of tags prove to be of no value. They do not help increase your page ranking. On the contrary, they show the webmaster that your site is unreliable or “do not visit this site.” It is better to avoid sharing your precious content with these sites since the returns are limited. No, Follow links also have their importance in off-page SEO but that is a discussion for another day.

Broken Link Building (also known as Dead Link Building) is the practice of building backlinks by replacing links to 404 pages with a working link (which belongs to your website)  to a target website. Broken link building is one of the most scalable link-building tactics and when rightly implemented it is very effective.  It works because nobody wants dead links on their website; they contribute to a poor user experience. So when you inform people about broken links on their website, they are more open to replacing the dead links with your content. It goes without saying that high-quality content is still central to a successful broken link-building strategy – people need to view your content as worth using, that’s the key.

Now that we have already talked about the two most popular and well-known backlink creation strategies, let’s talk about the hidden ones – the strategies that are highly effective and not that known, thereby making them evergreen.

Reverse Guest Post Campaign: instead of writing guest posts on other blogs, you actually get to turn the process on its head by inviting prominent bloggers to publish guest posts on your own blog. This is a technique that works both ways since there is almost no expert out there that wouldn’t take the chance to promote themselves. If you have great content and a decent audience, this shouldn’t be a difficult pitch to make. This is something that will work best for websites that have at least some Domain Authority and content on them – which will convince others to write on your blog.

The LIS method: Length implies strength. Call it length or in-depth content, the goal here is to write content that your competition will find hard to replicate and also more people will give you mentions and backlinks.

The best example of this strategy is Neil Patel – he literally puts out content in the range of 3-8k words. There is nothing left out in those essays and there’s no denying the reception of those posts.

Case Studies, Infographics can have the same effect too. – the idea here is the content has to be unique

Authority Transfer Technique: this is basically internally linking new pages from already existing high-ranking pages on your website. You can use this technique when you create a new SEO-driven page to leverage existing authority to give your post the boost you need to climb higher up the SERP ladder, and later acquire more links using more traditional link-building methods.

So what are the key takeaways for 2020 – Backlinking remains the same more or less be it 2016 or 2020, as far as white hat techniques are concerned. The same strategies still work – whilst the focus has now moved on to having backlinks from sources that are relevant to your website.

So, we have managed to cover the most widely used strategies and also the lesser known ones for backlink creation – which one is the best strategy to follow in 2021? It is not as simple of an answer as one might think. Backlink creation depends for each website will vary based on the industry they are in and the sort of content they are putting out. As such the best strategy for each person will vary – and it is also advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your backlink creation methods yields the best results and also negates your risks.

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