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Best facebook strategy for the year 2022

By AMI Blogger | September 28, 2022

Facebook is considered one of the most effective marketing channels that drives sales and conversions for any business.

Having a Facebook ad strategy could prove to be a real game changer and accelerate the campaigns.

Here are some Facebook ad strategies that could be most effective in the year 2022:

  • Make use of the Facebook pixel The Facebook pixel is an extremely easy to use and navigate tool, it is a powerful code snippet that helps you identify all the users visiting your website and measure the conversions from the Facebook ads manager. The pixel is easy to install and it collects data that you can use to create custom audiences (this includes people who have purchased certain products before and the ones that added it to their cart but did not buy it) Pixel is such a handy tool that it makes sense to download it even though you do not plan on indulging in Facebook ads because pixel collects data that comes in handy. The bigger the pool of data the better the quality of your audience, this obviously helps when it comes to conversions.
  • Thoroughly understand your customers Knowing your audience and customers is of paramount importance, understanding your customer’s journey could be extremely advantageous. What we mean by “customer’s journey” is the journey a person takes from identifying a particular problem or need they have to making a purchase. This will help you understand better which ads to serve at which stage (much more effective compared to uniform ads for everyone at every stage) You can get started on this process by breaking it down into 3 stages, namely, the awareness phase, the consideration phase, and the decision phase. (also known as top of the funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel respectively).
  • Ascertain your target audience Facebook audiences have three major types: saved audiences, custom audiences, and look alike audiences. Saved audiences are the ones that are created on the basis of their interests, behaviors, as well as demographics Custom audiences are the ones that have shown some form of entertainment and engagement on any of your social media handles Lastly, look alike audiences are the ones  that are built solely on the basis of targeting individuals who have similar traits as your custom audience. Being aware of all these kinds of audiences will help you be more familiar with the terrain you are in (which is always a good thing).
  • Familiarize yourself with buyer personas At this stage you should have a vague idea of what your ideal consumer is like, but that is not enough, and it never is. In order to improve your communication/ messaging, advertisements, increasing conversion rates, and decreasing costs you should acquaint yourself with what is known as the buyers persona Simply put, a buyer’s persona is a substantial description of what and who your ideal consumer wants to be. The better you know this persona, the better your ads, targeting, and messaging can be. These audiences are a great addition for top of the funnel ads.
  • Make use of your own custom data (data that you have collected) Every business collects data on the people that have previously purchased or interacted with them. This data, demographic and psychographic could come in handy while trying to understand your target as well as your ideal audience Doing so will leave you with extremely valuable insights like: Which age group of people usually buy your products Socio Demographics of the people who buy your products Educational status of the people who buy your products Like the aforementioned steps this one also primarily helps you know and ascertain your Target audience better.
  • Make appropriate advertisements Customize ads for people at different stages of the cycle. This is the most effective way to go about because it makes no sense to pitch a product to someone who is not even aware of it. This would defeat the purpose of the ads and would render them ineffective. This also ensures that your money is well spent and has substantial returns.
  • Analyze whether your ads are working or not The most important thing to do while running any campaign or even business is to invest some time and analyse whether or not the currently employed strategy is yielding good results or not.

The same must be done with Facebook ads. Some ways to do this are as follows:

  • Opting for automated ad management
  • Automating the pause button that withholds ads that do not work
  • Increase the speed and reach of ads that do lead to conversion
  • Lower the costs of warming up leads by generating relevant content
  • Employ most of your budget on the individuals who are at the bottom of the funnel.


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