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Companies that have successfully rebranded themselves

By AMI Blogger | September 14, 2022

Rebranding is definitely not an easy goal to accomplish. A successful rebranding campaign requires the execution of extremely strategic operations that lead to your audience as well as the general public viewing the company in a fresh light. However challenging it is to execute, it can be done with the help of appropriate marketing, quality control, and taking on a new approach while presenting itself in the public eye.

Here is a list of some companies that have managed to navigate the choppy waters of rebranding and have successfully emerged much better than before:

J Crew
J Crew is an American clothing brand that witnessed a sharp plummet in its sales during the year 2003. However they quickly turned this around under the leadership of CEO Dexler by rebranding the store and portraying it as one that sells classic basic pieces, but luxurious ones. This led to the company turning a profit and the shares and stocks rising, all because they decided to reposition themselves and did so effectively by offering quality products. Moreover, Michelle Obama herself personally endorsed the brand on air when she told everyone she was wearing clothes purchased from J Crew. The important thing to note here is just how far having a quality product and effective marketing can go. 
Now Burberry is a  popular and stylish fashion brand that has a designer label and is endorsed and loved by celebrities but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, it was dismissed as an inferior brand that was preferred by hipsters and hooligans. However, Burberry turned things around by incorporating extremely trendy ideas and fashions which led to it being noticed by a superior crowd. This revamping of their product mix and style led to a huge spike to the brand’s popularity and value. Sales rose by a whopping 27 % and it is now seen as one of the top luxury brands in the fashion industry now. The key aspect to note here is how revamping their style and product mix help them turn the tide.
Blue Ribbon
For those of you who don’t know the name Blue Ribbon is a synonym to blue color lager (beer). This Milwaukee brand was the go-to drink for all working-class people and was perceived as an inferior drink to its counterparts. However, this did not stop the guys at Blue Ribbon from aiming big. Considering that China is the world’s largest beer market, Blue Ribbon decided to expand there. This time around they added that they were an imported brand and sold their product in extremely fancy packaging. They positioned themselves as a high end beer company, and what do you know, took off in China. The point of interest, in this case, is how Blue Ribbon decided to enter a whole new market and dramatically changed its perception with high-quality packaging and appropriate marketing. 
Harley Davidson
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Mcdonald’s has been under fire a few times for their super proportions that promote unhealthy eating and obesity (which is an issue on the rise in the  United States) They have been accused of adding to this issue and being detrimental to people’s health. Since then, Mcdonald’s has consciously tried to promote healthy eating by providing salad options and smaller portions. They have also tried to capitalize on the coffee-drinking crowd and offer fruit juices. They tried rebranding themselves by bringing in a popular singer (Justin Timberlake) and incorporating his music to promote a positive association. The key thing to learn from this case is to listen to what the public opinion is of your product and counteract it if it is a negative one. 
Old Spice
Old Spice wasn’t looked at as a popular brand, that is until NFL player Isaiah Mustafa appeared in one of their advertisements. The ad raked millions of views and put the brand on the map. They also followed this ad with Isaiah answering questions digitally and celebrities making cameos. This led to the sales of Old Spice gaining massive momentum The point of reference with this case is that a clever ad and the right use of social media, as well as digital platforms, could lead to massive results. 
It’s hard to imagine Apple ever being in hot water but that was the case in 1997 when the stock prices of the company were at an all-time low. What changed was Steve Jobs consistently produced extremely sophisticated products and aligned their marketing of it with innovation and high quality, which undeniably left them at the top of the industry. Ever since nearly every product put out by apple has been a raging success and continues to be so. The takeaway from this case is that aligning your brand with strong emotional triggers while simultaneously backing them with quality products is a proven formula to success. 

As a conclusion it is important to note that how your brand is perceived can be altered provided relevant and necessary actions are taken.


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