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Content writing and marketing for beginners

By AMI Blogger | September 13, 2022

In today’s advent of the internet, there is but one universally accepted ideology and that is, ‘Content is king’

Whether your aim is to build a client base, or increase awareness, or even use it as a promotional tool. The content you produce as a business helps your target audience connect to your brand and all that it stands for.

To get your content across to your desired target audience, there are two aspects of the process that demand careful execution, the writing of the content, and the marketing of it. There is no hierarchy between the two because both these aspects work together in procuring the desired result. The two aspects unitedly complete the picture you are trying to paint.

Content writing for beginners

Like all other skills that we acquire, writing content also has a slight learning curve. Nevertheless, it isn’t quite challenging if you follow certain methods while doing it.

Here are a few steps to navigate the world of content writing if you are just starting out:

Step 1: Begin with research

The most important thing in the whole process of writing content is possessing a substantial amount of relevant information on the topic at hand, which can only be acquired by significant research and indulging in various sources to do the same (for the sake of accuracy)

It would help to have a designated space in a notebook (physical or digital) to jot down findings and important references

Step 2: Pick an appropriate narrative style

Once you have the information you want to relay it’s necessary to determine how you want to put it across (depending on whatever variables are relevant to you). Some content and some platforms have a designated manner of accounting. For example, Instagram has a slightly informal manner of relaying information whereas LinkedIn has a relatively more effective and formal manner. At this point it is necessary to land on the narrative style you will rely on to put forth your point.

Going through other content on similar topics on the same platform you want to put it out will help you solidify and accelerate this decision process.

Step 3: Choose relevant keywords

When you are writing content that will cater to people or the masses it is necessary to look into the keywords that are most in use regarding your topic. You can do so by googling said topics, paying attention to google auto-correct, and exploring the people asked for a section

Proceed to actually put pen to paper and write it out.

Step 4: Proofreading

Proofreading is probably one of the most crucial steps to fulfill that directly impacts how your content is received.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a novice, the importance of editing could not be more stressed, for you realize a lot of errors when you are doing so. Grammatical errors, structural errors, and indentation errors are all things that get straightened out in the proofreading process.

It is also when you shift your focus from the content to its presentability of it.

Content marketing for beginners

Marketing the content you have created is the second aspect of the process.

Step 1: Know your audience

Different segments of society respond to different methods of communication, so in order to get your content in front of people you need to first and foremost ascertain whom you need to reach with it, and then work your way from there.

Knowing your target audience will enable you to get your message across as efficiently as you possibly can.

Step 2: Plan your process

This aspect requires careful calibration of moves, and is best executed by deciding before hand

Who is in charge of collating and managing the content

Who is in charge of posting the content

Who has the final approval

Where are you going to promote it

Determine a consistent posting schedule

Having a consistent schedule to put out content is one of the easiest ways to ensure maximum reach because it conditions your viewers to a schedule that creates a sense of reliability and stability to be associated with your brand.

Step 3: Promote your content

A great way to make sure your content receives maximum reach is to promote the content tastefully on social media platforms, it does not have to be an elaborate process, but rather a simple one that alerts people on what you are putting out.

You could also put in place some accompanying teasers or trailers that are shareable and will boost the total number of views the content garners.

In a conclusion, it bears repeating to say that both content writing and marketing are important aspects of the same process that assist in brand awareness, sales, and reinforcement.



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