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Effective Content Marketing in 2022

By AMI Blogger | September 14, 2022

The year 2020 has been hard on most of us, personally and professionally, so we have taken it upon ourselves and have put together a list of preparation pointers in order to help you ease into content marketing in the year 2021. After all, it is best to be prepared.

But after all we have been through this year we must draw an essential conclusion that we should all aim to be flexible before anything else.

Listicle on some methods to achieve effective content marketing:

Execute a content inspection

In order to move forward and land on an effective content marketing strategy, it is essential to evaluate the current status of your material.

It would be advantageous to realize the following in order to come up with a more suited strategy, this will enable you to make more well-informed decisions and will also give you the best shot at predicting the success of your content.

Which material performs the best

Which material does not perform well

Frequency of material publishing

Define quantifiable goals

The effectiveness of your content marketing goals can only be measured and assessed if you have a set of goals that can be quantifiable. They can be targets to reach or a return of investment, the thing of most importance in this stage is to pickout the goal/ goals that would make a significant difference to your company.

In most cases, businesses choose to employ these goals

Acquisition of leads

Nurturing of leads

Brand Awareness

Customer Acquisition


Execute an audience research

An essential thing to figure out for any kind of marketing is the demographic of their target audience. Their likes, dislikes, preferences, and tolerance.

This will also lead you to figure out which channels they prefer, the nature of the content they prefer, and the frequency suited to them.

Knowing these variables will enable you to create content and know how to market it in a way that will lead to a spike in quantifiable goals.

Determine the nature of the content you want to put out

In the beginning, the use of the word content meant written content, but in today’s context content is a huge umbrella term for various elements like blogs, infographics, illustrations, videos, podcasts, and webinars.

It is smart to determine the nature you want to put out based on the variables you have collected about your target audience, what is on trend at the moment, and the style that most aligns with the personality of your brand.

Create a calendar

While producing material with the clear goal to attract an audience, something that goes a long way is following a certain calendar that states the frequency and nature of the content. This also enables the smooth running of the entire process.

Some variables that can be accounted for in this process are as follows.

Format of the content

Deadlines for the content

Publishing dates

Members responsible for creating the material

Channels used for promotion

Stage of the sales funnel

Promotion planning

An important aspect of this whole process is the promotion of the content you produce, some experts say that 80% of your time must be assigned to promoting the content whereas only 20% of your time should be assigned to creating it.

Some platforms and ways you can do this are:

Guest posts: Helps increase your audience

Social media: Helps reach your target audience in an easier manner

Search Engines: Connects you to people who are genuinely interested in your product

Emails: Informs your customers about relevant updates

Forums: Can be used to address questions and queries, and can also be useful to inform your customers

Advertising: Increases brand awareness and establish a brand identity

Measuring the effectiveness of your process

Although this goes without saying, it is extremely important you reflect and draw concrete conclusions based on observation about which elements of your content production and marketing worked, which elements did not work at all, which ones should be eliminated entirely, and which ones can be tweaked.

These conclusions are extremely important to draw so that campaigns and marketing in the future can be more effective.

It’s important for the entire team to derive learnings from processes such as these.


Content marketing plans give you the opportunity to improve your business and achieve goals in a more efficient manner.

Making a plan also enables you to make predictions based on past observation and conclusions which can prove to be extremely advantageous.

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