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How to master email copywriting

By AMI Blogger | September 22, 2022

It is no secret that owing to people’s attention spans and a shift in media preferences emails no longer arrest attention like they used to. This is why it is absolutely necessary to set your emails apart and ensure they truly engage with the customer.

Email copywriting could be used to establish substantial connections with your audience. Making visually appealing as well as enticing emails is a skill that you enhance over time.

What is email copywriting?

Email copywriting is the editorial content (more commonly known as copy), this includes the copy in the subject line (which is also important considering this is what people look at while deciding on whether or not to open it) as well as the body of the email.

It is very similar to generic copywriting and can be seen as a subsection of it that requires aspects such as brevity, a higher level of persuasion, and effectiveness.

Here are a few tips you can use to master email copywriting

Land on an appropriate tone to employ in the email. Email copywriting just like any other facet of copywriting requires you to figure out which tone you want to relay your information in, this could dictate the way you address the customer and more importantly their perception of you. Make sure to use an appropriate tone that caters to your target audience (different segments would obviously prefer being spoken to in different ways)

Make sure your subject lines are engaging

Subject lines are the initial point of contact with your audience, it is what your audience will see first and their decision to further read the email or not is hinged on the subject line, so it would be advantageous to make it engaging.

Some subject line templates that have known to work well are:

  • Portraying a sense of urgency or exclusivity
  • Quoting substantial statistics, metrics, as well as testimonials
  • Pose relevant questions
  • Make use of puns and other humor antics
Follow the rule of the three C’s

The three C’s of the rule state that emails are most effective when they are clear, concise, and consistent.

The format of emails requires the content to adhere to these aspects and are most effective when they do. This enables your communication to be easily understood and digested by your specific audience (your mailing list)

A compelling call to action. Just like social media copy that has call-to-action statements, emails also require a solid CTA.

Including a CTA at the bottom of the email or page is known to be extremely effective. There are many innovative ways to include a call to action in emails (buttons, bars, etc). People also tend to scan emails so including buttons is an effective and proven way to go about it.

What to include in email copywriting?

When you do indulge in copywriting it has to serve a purpose. Some aspects and point of value you can offer to your audience are as follows:

  • ​Advice or guidance
  • Interest or opinion
  • News updates
  • Interviews

A lot of companies also make use of emails to explain the features of new products and services. Giving your audience elements of value is the ultimate key to making this process an effective one for people on both ends.

On a concluding note, we would like to mention that the aforementioned tips for email copywriting will help you get started but mastering email copywriting will undeniably take time as well as effort.

Email content could be a great way to communicate with your audience provided you did it while employing a certain sense of strategy and approach. It could also be a very personal way of communication. Moreover, it is an extremely competent way to portray the personality of your own brand.

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