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How to select facebook lookalike audience?

By AMI Blogger | September 22, 2022

Before we dive deeper into the aspects of a Facebook lookalike audience let us first ascertain what is a Facebook lookalike audience in the first place.

What is a Facebook lookalike audience?

A Facebook lookalike audience is something that can accelerate the process of helping you find new customers It is a rather effective tool that helps you locate interested buyers. How it works is you tell Facebook what exactly you want in a customer and it delivers to you the same. This if the executed right could be a great way to expand your customer base and gain some high-quality, relevant leads

For better results you can even create a seed audience making use of the data you find in:

  • Consumer details information: A newsletter or even a subscription list
  • Website visitors and audience: You can create an audience list based on the visitors your website attracts, however, this does require you to install Facebook pixel
  • App activity: The Facebook SDK app allows you to track and collect information (consumer data) about the people who have chosen to install your app.
  • Engagement: An engaged audience is an audience that interacts with your content on various social media platforms. Some examples of elements that induce engagement are videos, lead forms, and other interactions.
  • Offline Activity: You can even gather a list of the people who have come in contact with or engaged with your content offline.
How to select a Facebook lookalike audience for your Facebook ads?

This is a rather important aspect of the whole process that everything is hinged on.

  • Step 1: Select the option “Audiences” from the Facebook ad manager
  • Step 2: Create an audience and choose “Lookalike audience” while you are at it
  • Step 3: Pick a source or seed audience at this point. (This is the custom audience you have put together using the information siphoned from various sources such as pixel and your apps).
  • Step 4: Go ahead and choose the geographical location that you would like to target and is most suitable for you. (This will be where a majority of your look-alike audience will be based in).
  • Step 5: After this, pick the size of your desired audience. The size scale has a lower limit of 1 and an upper limit of 10, it is also worth noting that a smaller number will give you a more homogeneous reach whereas a higher number will give you a higher reach. So you can arrive at a decision based on your priorities and preference.
  • Step 6: The last step in the process requires you to actually create your ad.

Another common question asked in this process is

What is the best size for a Facebook lookalike audience?

There is no objective answer to this question because a lower number and a higher number come with their own advantages so it is hinged on your particular priorities. The lower the number the more relevant your audience and the higher your number the greater the size of your audience. (The scale of your lookalike audience will be from 1 to 10).

When to use lookalike audiences?
  • When you are looking to improve the results of the advertising campaigns you are undertaking.
  • You want to target an extremely specific segment
  • When you want to ascertain the size of your audience
  • When you want to ascertain the nature of your audience
  • When you want to monitor performance on a substantial level
  • Optimization on the return of your investment
  • Building your audience significantly
  • Substantially boosts conversion rates
  • Increases website traffic

On a concluding note, it would make sense to mention that used appropriately this is an extremely powerful tool that could change the dynamics of the way your business operates. It enables you to maximize your results dramatically (if you put in some time and effort that is) But it is obvious that outstanding results can only be achieved with a substantial strategy in place, this will ensure you get your desired results in a timely manner. This process like most others is one that requires assessment and research but at the end of the day extremely advantageous and beneficial in the long run.

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