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Important off page SEO elements

By AMI Blogger | September 15, 2022

Off-page SEO relates to all the things you do outside your own website to increase your ranking within the search engine results page, also known as SERP. What essentially happens when you optimize your site’s off-page SEO is to improve people’s perception of your website and project popularity, trustworthiness, relevance, and authority. This is mainly done by other pockets of the internet linking to your website and promoting yours. In a way, this is like one website vouching for another.

It is true that Google’s algorithms and ranking factors are extremely dynamic and change constantly but there are some elements that always contribute to a better SERP score and boost off page SEO and they are the fostering of relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

Some other important aspects to indulge in to boost off-page SEO rankings are:
Link building

The importance of link building in search engine optimization can not be stressed enough and goes a long way in procuring the rankings you desire. Links are viewed by the search engine in the same way likes and appreciation are, convincing it that your website is worth looking at and will suggest it. The better the quality of the links you populate your website with, the better your rankings will be. The requirements of your links are high quality, relevance, keywords, and engagement. Aim to procure inbound links from huge aggregators that are already popular reliable websites. Another effective strategy here is to participate in broken link building, not only those from your website but also external ones. Including anchor texts could also prove to be advantageous when executed well. (Anchor text which is also known as a link label or a link text is a clickable HTML hyperlink)

Make use of social media

Social signals and activity also affect the ranking google assign you. Use the various social media outlets available such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and google + to promote your brand and content. Social engagement builds a certain kind of reliability and relevance.

Some ways to navigate this are by:

Being responsive: Being responsive to your customers and consumers goes a long way in improving your reputation as a brand, this also makes your customers view you as a supportive brand. Engaging with people on the top: There is a lot to gain by associating with people at the top of your industry. This will obviously lead to your brand being perceived in a superior light, by people and the google crawler.

Evaluating how this approach is working for you: No matter what you do, the process of evaluation can not be eliminated because it helps you  understand what is and what isn’t working for you, which then warrants improvement.

Including an RSS feed subscription box

RSS is just another word for subscription boxes, it is no secret that it’s more advantageous for your site to have a few people who follow your work as opposed to a large number of people who only land on your site once. The goal of introducing a subscription box is to encourage people to view your content repeatedly and consistently whenever you put out anything new. This ensures a somewhat consistent following.

Indulge in guest posting

Guest posting is also another really popular practice that industry experts recommend and with good reason. Guest posting on other relevant websites as well as hosting other guests on your website. This will be mutually beneficial for both parties involved and increase viewership and reach. This helps to bring in a lot of organic traffic to your website and at the same time generate valuable backlinks.

Use visuals

People tend to respond better to visual content that is stimulating these days, whether it is videos, animations, gifs, or basic animations. Incorporating such elements into your website ensures your users end up with an extremely satisfying interaction with the online presence of your brand. Visual content is also more shareable and increases your chance of being viewed by a large audience dramatically.

One thing to keep in mind while doing this is to optimize the title, format, and description of your uploads to gain more traction. These variables involve some research but propel your content dramatically

On a concluding note, the most important thing to note about online rankings and search engine optimization is that it is constantly changing and the best way to navigate it on a long term is to be cautiously experimental, drawing conclusions based on concrete observation, and of course putting out relevant content on suitable platforms.

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