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Interactive websites: Improve your site’s engagement

By AMI Blogger | September 9, 2022

What are interactive websites?

Interactive websites ensure that users are able to connect better and engage with the content on the websites, which is an imperative precursor for consumers to form a good relationship with your brand online.

It goes without saying that to see a spike in your website’s conversion rate your customers to have a satisfying user experience, which they will only have if you provide them with relevant content on your site. This translates to your customers trusting you which will eventually translate into their conversion. They also ensure the user feels more involved in a personal way when websites have appealing interactive elements. Another thing worth mentioning is how a lot of popular websites such as NYT have also turned to basic illustrations and GIFs to ensure users have a better experience.

Moreover, the loading rate, response, and click does a great job in gathering feedback of the user’s experience with elements of interactive websites

But an important precursor to making interactive websites is being fully aware of your users as well as their preferences. They will only stay on your page if you serve them relevant information. Knowing your target audience will go a long way in building an interactive website, it’s imperative to know who you are interacting with.  Effective communication of any capacity is a two way street.

A lot of thought and research must go into the kind of content you want to serve (relevant of course) after which the appropriate interactive website features, layout animations, and modules must be employed to hold their attention. If you build good relationships with your users online, you will automatically see your engagement grow, and of course your conversions.

How to make interactive websites?

Animated sections are known to arrest a user’s attention.  Some proven ways to spruce your website are:

  • Animated section headers
  • Video headers
  • Dynamic banners
  • Animated hover selector
  • Video and audio files
  • Interactive galleries
  • Interactive galleries
  • Scroll down activated sections
  • Cursor following codes
  • Pulsing scroll indicators
  • Customizable website display
  • Posting and commenting without entering the site
  • Platform to interact with friends online
  • Platform to interact with friends online
  • Online games
What kind of interactive elements feature on a website?
Video header:

A good way to go is by greeting users with an appealing video header while drawing focus to the most important content ensuring that the users see it. Apart from this, basic animations and movements also add a whole dimension to the design, they are known to arrest attention immediately and also trigger responses.

Hover selector:

Highlighting the selected elements while clearly showcasing the content the users are consuming encourages them to stay on the site for longer and consume more content. This is also something that makes the user feel more involved in the process

Animated switch page loading:

Some pages make use of a tiny icon to symbolize the scrolling motion of the user which leads to visitors loading the content as and when they scroll. This makes the interaction a little more exciting from the user’s point of view. The dynamic nature of the page is what keeps visitors interested.


Chatbots are known to be major soldiers when it comes to conversions because they improve the user experience significantly. They tend to make things more convenient without bombarding visitors with an overload of information.  Users can also interact with these bots and gather information, advice, or even some tips. Chatbots go a long way in establishing brand personality and the user connecting with the same. A brand-specific chatbot is the most efficient way to go.

Present yourself in a unique way

Storytelling is a surefire way of building, boosting, and retaining engagement. So, it makes sense to consider showcasing an experience instead of a dry web shop including technical details. Communicate with your audience using dynamic illustrations and give them a visual experience. This leads to your users developing an affinity to your website and your brand.

Amuse your users

User Interface provides code that enables the background to mimic and move with the cursor. It could be an impressive touch especially if it aligns with the personality of your product (if it has something to do with tech or science)

Interactive design in education

Creative and interactive design goes a long way when it comes to products that are geared towards kids and education. These characters make things more stimulating and appealing to indulge in. Interactive design such as touch typing makes the user feel more involved in the process and hence leaves them with a better experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice control UI

This isn’t all that popular but it is worthy of mention because websites that allow voice commands make sure that differently-abled people can also interact with their website.

Some examples of websites that employ dynamic and interactive websites are Apple, Ducasse, The Van Gogh Museum, Elastic, and Pieces.

Parting thoughts:

Define your core message and build your strategy and website around that

Find a unique and discernable brand voice and personality following which communicate the same to the world. People love stories.

Spotlight your core message, and ensure that your interaction style is aligned with it.

Chatbots are double edged swords that not only help in establishing a brand identity but also assisting the user.

Use animated, colorful, stimulating graphics to keep the user’s attention

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