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PostgreSQL vs MYSQL: Which is the better database language?

By AMI Blogger | September 5, 2022

Are you choosing a relational management database system? 

PostgreSQL and MYSQL are one of the most important decisions to make when it comes to the relational database management system that would meet your needs, Isn’t it? 

MYSQL and PostgreSQL are time-proven solutions that can compete with different enterprise solution that involves Oracle and SQL Server.

On the other hand, PostgreSQL, on the other hand, supports a variety of modern applications like JSON, XML, etc. whereas MYSQL supports JSON only.

MYSQL is used for extremely high-volume environments without problems. Talking about PostgreSQL has advanced features and is more likely to be stable as compared to MYSQL. There are 39% of developers who love everything about MYSQL and consider it a fast, reliable, relational database management system. 

It lacks the extensive features of PostgreSQL and is an excellent match for wider applications.

Whereas, PostgreSQL has a go-to solution for performing the most complicated, high-volume data operations because it is better at handling the extraordinary situations that take place in the database. PostgreSQL is also believed to have more accessible and extensive features.

MYSQL vs PostgresSQL: Key Differences

There are many similarities between MYSQL and PostgreSQL:

-MYSQL is a database that is relational and PostgreSQL is a relational database with the objective

-MYSQL is can’t be said extensible PostgreSQL is considered to be highly extensible

-PostgreSQL can provide the Data Domain object but MYSQL doesn’t provide it.

There are basically judged differently on different features:

Writing Speed

PostgreSQL has been widely used in systems where reading and writing speeds play a crucial role. It supports a variety of performance optimizations that are available for commercial solutions only

MySQL though is chosen for web-based projects where a straightforward database is needed. It is common for MYSQL to underperform with strained volumes and completely complex SQL queries.

PostgreSQL works excellently for business intelligence applications. MYSQL provides good read/ write speeds for OLTP scenarios. MySQL also performs well in high concurrency scenarios.

High Availability

Replication is amongst the best popular features that can be further used to provide disastrous recovery purposes for providing the high availability of the database. Hence, Replication is available with MYSQL and PostgreSQL.

 It is important to note, however, that both have different functioning and scenarios. 

PostgreSQL replication is long-term use technology. The high availability markets different features and are easy to access. So, you need to focus on it.


When it comes to hosting, most hosting company gives you access to MYSQL on the cloud. The popularity is growing in PostgreSQL too as now, some of them are progressing toward PostgreSQL. 

This is depending on the market strategies things will be improved. When you have to choose the host, remember to look for a dedicated host if you require an extremely high-load database, that will make all the difference!

So, post this detailed comparison between PostgreSQL and MySQL, you can easily choose amongst them better according to your preferences! Remember to choose cleverly and carefully when it comes to your hosting plans and make sure to research thoroughly before you take this essential step.

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