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The importance of responsive web design

By AMI Blogger | August 25, 2022

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Responsive web design as the name suggests is a subsection of web design that enables it to be rendered appropriately and in an appealing manner across a variety of devices of varying screen sizes. Since the same website can be accessed by multiple devices having different specifications (most importantly screen size) it goes without saying that the user will interact with  the website differently on different devices.

A site that has been designed with a responsive web design approach tweaks itself according to the layout of the device it is being viewed on. It does so by employing proportion based grids, flexible images, CSS3 media queries, and fluid.

The fluid grid is responsible for elements of the page to be in relative units (percentage) rather than absolute units (pixels)

The flexible images are also sized based on percentages, this keeps it from displaying elements outside the in use screen space.

Media queries enables the page to employ different and appropriate CSS styles based on the specifications of the device in use

These responsive layouts are responsible for adjusting to any screen size (mobile, tabler, or desktop)

The importance of incorporating a responsive web design in your projects:

A significant internet traffic is being caused by the use of mobile devices, the volume of which has seen such a sharp spike in the past few years that they cannot be side lined anymore.

Moreover, 2014 was the first year that recorded a higher volume of users accessing the internet through mobile devices over computers.

Owing to the aforementioned observations it is safe to arrive at the conclusion that it. matters significantly how users are able to interact with your  content and website through their phones, hence the immediate and undeniable need for responsive web design. Incorporating this directly translates to mobile users having a satisfying experience and a positive brand correlation which leads to a rise in the conversion rate.

Responsive web designing and mobile- first indexing is now also a crucial factor in ranking. Sites that are more responsive  will more often than not load faster which also makes it more shareable.

Search engine optimization campaigns and the maintenance of the website are significantly smoother on a mobile friendly device. They are also faster and cost efficient as compared to making a stand alone mobile application.

Mobile friendly websites are now an industry standard that have to be adhered  to. On a closing note it is worth mentioning that google has also taken this further (in 2015) and has started to implement mobile- first indexing strategies and bases rankings on the indexing and as of 2018 Google even announced that they were going to migrate sites that adhered to the standards of good mobile- first indexing.

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