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Top 5 UI UX Courses for Website Designers

By AMI Blogger | September 2, 2022

In today’s tech-driven world, having skills in either UX or UI design can take you towards a successful and rewarding career. Taking a course is a great way to earn great knowledge about UX design. All you have to do is enter the field and get to work. Luckily, there are a number of online UX courses currently. It’s really essential to consider what your goals are before choosing any UX design course to invest your time, money, and energy into. The value, cost, length, and content should be taken into consideration while opting for any course. 

What exactly are UX and UI design?

In general terms, UX or user experience design creates a product that provides a meaningful and relevant experience to the end-user. It includes the aspects of branding, design, function, and usability. While UI or User Interface is the layout of how a website or an app looks when you use it. UI designs create visual elements, interactions, or animation on a website or application. It also includes the layout, transitions, any animations that may occur on the interface. 

Here I’ve clubbed the top 5 amazing online courses to learn UI UX design.

  1. Coursera: Introduction to User Experience Design

Created by the Georgia Institute of Technology, Coursera is truly a great learning platform with free online courses as well. One can find a range of online courses

from top reputed universities like the University of San Diego, the University of Amsterdam, etc. The course is all free and just seven hours long. Isn’t that cool? Coursera avails courses in every domain, especially the field of HCI & UX design from a single course to degree and ultimately specialization. Led by Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga, Coursera is an easy-to-understand course that covers all the very basics of UX design including the basic principles and the four-step design circle. You’ll find the syllabus of the course clear and exceptionally straightforward. The lectures are super engaging and easy to digest. If you are just getting started in UX, this could be a great option for you. Students have the option to enroll in either self-paced or timed classes ranging between four and twelve weeks. Verified certificates and specializations provide proof of participation, which can be shared via LinkedIn.

  1. Coursera: UX/UI Design Specialization 

Developed by the California Institute of Arts, this specialized course takes about one month for each course to complete. It conducts a free trial for 7 days and then costs $49 per month. Coursera created specializations in a series of related courses in order to boost and deepen knowledge in a specific field. Never done any UX/UI work before? Don’t worry. This particular course is made for you. It consists of four courses starting from a 1-month long practical introduction. This four-month course

covers the entire design cycle from the basics of user research to defining a project’s strategy and scope as well as creating wireframes and sitemaps. The very first course (Visual Elements of User Interface Design) produced by Michael Worthington focuses more on the UI aspect of UX/UI: the graphic user interface. While this isn’t a quick course at all, it addresses those who have time and dedication to learn, as well as some background in graphic design or visual design about UX having not so much experience. 

  1. Udemy

Udemy, one of the top-known e-learning platforms, is an excellent option for anyone looking to grasp the basics of UX design without breaking the bank. Created by Eric A Meyer, it’ll cost you $10. The full course is taught by expert Joe Natoli for 4 h 12 min.

You’ll be provided with on-demand videos here. The videos are followed by assignments where you’re able to evaluate yourself. This ten-hour-long course will help you equip yourself with a complete understanding of how to practice UX right from research to strategy. Are you a newbie? Well, this platform is surely for you. It consists of thousands of UX design courses from various experts in the UX domain. At Udemy, you can find individual topics of UX such as tools, process, research methods, branding, strategy etc. The Design for Humanity course teaches you how to design by learning how to challenge the vision you have and help you analyze real design. 


  1. Skillshare: Introduction to Axure RP for UX/UI Designers

Produced by Sarah Khan, this 1 hr 3 min long course costs you a subscription with a one-month trial available. It is specifically designed for those who have never used Axure before and already work as a UX/UI designer from time to time. Taking this course will definitely help you enhance your skill set. It permits the creators to post short lectures on a single skill. Here, Sarah Khan patiently and thoroughly teaches you about text properties, adding elements, layers, and many more. The course even helps the viewers learn how to save RP files and what to do once it comes to publishing and collaborating with Axure.

Should you take it? Well, if you are looking for a shorter course to deepen your skill set but need a prototype instantly, then go for this course.

  1. Usability

Created by Michal Mazur, Learnux is just a 3 h 30 min long course. Greg Rog launched this educational platform for UX experts in 2017 in order to share his expertise with fellow UX designers. Author Mazur’s way of teaching is strictly practical where he makes his hands-on guides to particular tools. He aims to share up-to-date tutorials for cutting-edge technologies. Usability is one of the most important things to accomplish in UX/UI design and this course can help get you closer to that goal. The 18-lesson course

helps to define usability, what the best practices of designing interfaces are, and use findings in cognitive psychology that show how our brains perceive objects and how that affects the way we understand the world around us. 


Getting into UX or UI can be an exciting and rewarding field adding this skill to your repertoire. I hope that my list of the Best UX/UI Design Courses might help to choose the right one.

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