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Top five tips for content marketing

By AMI Blogger | September 26, 2022

The word content is not just blogs and articles anymore, content is an all-inclusive term that refers to blogs, tweets, web pages, podcasts, videos, and other socially interacting elements that a company indulges in.

Any industry that works in the digital landscape is in need of and can benefit from strategic content marketing.

Here is a list of five tips for content marketing that you should consider when you indulge in the same.

  • Make sure you understand the content marketing sales funnel The sales funnel is a popular marketing term that is used to illustrate the buyer’s journey from point of contact to the actual conversion, the key phases of which are awareness, evaluation, and purchase. In a very broad sense, content marketing also involves outreach, conversion, closing, and retention. This is why content strategists must keep the same in mind and produce content appropriately. It is their responsibility to understand how to engage their audience at different stages and also keep the funnel in a constant cycle. This step requires education and research that should be viewed as an investment.
  • Treat your content as data Content is more about quality than it is about quantity. A great content strategy will enable you to keep your audience engaged at every juncture but simultaneously treat it the way you would date. Make sure to be aware of the content that is performing well, why it is performing well, and where exactly the target audience is coming from. These insights go a long way and help you accelerate what is working for you and eliminate the errors of what is not. To meticulously and methodically track and assess performance variables will give you a massive advantage. Some questions that can be answered during this process are: What can be improved? What tools and platforms help most? And which resources affect conversion the most?
  • Devise a concrete and actionable plan Putting in place a content calendar that dicatest what to put out when is an excellent and easy step to execute. This will help streamline the process of content production and at the same time give the content producers sufficient time to do their job and factor in social events and holidays. This puts everyone in a fairly prepared state. Moreover, this can also complement a posting schedule which is a great convenience for everyone involved.
  • Leave room for repurposing During the distribution process you will realize that different types of content work better and more importantly differently on different platforms. If you have multiple platforms and want to retain consistency on all of the platforms in terms of content then it is a good idea to consider repurposing the content into whatever is relevant to a particular platform. It is essentially the same content that is presented differently (and appropriately in terms of the platform being used).
  • Ascertain a particular direction for your content No one likes scattered content, it is hard to follow and harder to be perceived as reliable. An efficient way of going about this is to establish beforehand what the goal of your content is and develop methods to achieve it. Moreover, it is advisable to focus on one goal at a time (like brand awareness, building reliability, inspiring conversions) These different goals obviously call for different kinds of content, keeping this in mind it is advantageous to produce content in lieu of the specific goal you are focusing on at the moment.

Some benefits of content marketing are as follows:

Consistent and quality content marketing definitely come with a whole array of benefits,  some of which are:

  • Greatly increases audience retention
  • Accelerates social media traction
  • Establishes reliability and trust with your audience
  • Generates significant leads
  • Improves the conversion rates
  • Enhances your SEO score
  • Builds domain authority

On a concluding note, it is necessary to mention that content marketing is not hard to do once you start indulging in it, and definitely comes with a whole lot of benefits.

This could be a real game changer for a business or company when it is executed in the right manner.


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