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Who is Brian Dean and what is Backlinko?

By AMI Blogger | September 22, 2022

Brian Dean is widely accepted as well as recognized as an SEO specialist who is adept at navigating the digital landscape, he is also the founder of the online blog Backlinko as well as the co-founder of another web analyzing tool called Exploding Tools.

A graduate of Tufts University, it took Brian about five failed businesses before he managed to run a successful personal finance site on the internet. Considering how successful he was in his endeavor, he decided to share his lessons with the world, which is how Backlinko came to be.

What is backlinko?

Simply put, Backlinko is an extremely easy-to-navigate resource that gives you actionable SEO as well as content marketing advice. The thing that sets Backlinko apart is that Brian Dean who is the face of the company is himself well versed in the dynamic digital landscape that we are all trying to cope up with, but also because his tips, advice, and insights are simple to follow, well presented, substantial, and more importantly easily executable.

Calling Backlinko an extremely popular blog would be an understatement because it is so much more than that, it is an online repository and resource for anyone who wishes for a solid digital presence. It also has a relevant youtube channel where Brian Dean himself interacts and communicates with his audience. It is considered the best marketing blog on the internet.

Furthermore, Backlinko has consistently and constantly been awarded to be the best online resource to learn about search engine optimization, colloquially as well as officially by Google.

Backlinko has also been featured on various platforms including but not limited to HuffPost, Forbes, and entrepreneur.

Another interesting thing to note here is that Backlinko appears on Google’s first page for some of the most competitive keywords out there (which is an impressive feat) such as on page SEO, link building, Mobile SEO, and Youtube SEO.

Why exactly did Brian Dean start Backlinko?

Back in the year 2013 Brian was subjected to a colossal hit owing to the Panda update by Google, this led to the entirety of his traffic evaporating overnight. This led to him questioning things, and equipping himself in a way where he could make quality content that would perform well and weather any changes in the algorithm.

Brain Dean’s youtube channel

Brian’s youtube channel is undeniably one of the best channels on the platform that deals with SEO and all things related to it. He makes it a point to explain his points well and illustrate the same in digestible and understandable ways with the help of relevant examples that anyone can follow.

His channel is definitely worth following for anyone who wants in with the digital landscape, Brian’s channel doing well boils down to his substantial approach that he presents in a simple manner.

Brian’s other popular venture: Exploding Topics

Another resourceful website put co founded by Brian is “Exploding Topics” and as the name suggests this website gathers a whole plethora of data from all around the web, analyses the same and determines which topics are doing well or “exploding” in different places all around the globe.

It is a convenient way of figuring what exactly people are talking about or what they want to know more about

On a concluding note, Brian Dean is definitely a veteran of the digital landscape who not only employs effective methods that are tried and tested but also somehow manages to consistently evolve with the digital landscape that is more dynamic than ever.


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