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10 Best educational sites for your child

By AMI Blogger | September 12, 2022

As parents, one of the hardest things to do is ensure that your kids are striking a healthy balance between learning and entertainment on the internet, especially in today’s context.

This is precisely why we have put together this list of ten of the best educational websites that your kid can indulge in with the hopes of gaining insights and knowledge but in fun interesting ways that are guaranteed to keep them engaged throughout.

The following listicle of educational websites that has been updated for 2020 will ensure your kids are entertained and engaged while simultaneously growing their minds.


Funbrain is a website that is geared towards not only education but also engagement, which is an essential aspect in the process of learning because that is what boosts engagement and leads to a more wholesome learning experience.

This platform provides kids with videos, complete books, as well as games and equips them with relevant information. They also have a section dedicated for mathematical learning

Another thing that deserves mention is that fun brain has extremely good quality videos.

The website is free to use but comes with a whole lot of ads that could potentially disrupt the flow of learning.

Content: Videos, Games, Books

Age group: 1 to 13


Starfall is one of the most expansive learning websites for kids, and if you are a parent chances are you have already come across it.

Starfall focuses on reading, writing, and math and it does so by incorporating it with colorful and stimulating graphics. The best part about this is the sheer volume and options it gives you to learn the same things, but it also warrants mentioning that the games do get slightly tedious after a particular point.

They also have customizable worksheets, lesson plans, and math games that have been proven to be extremely effective

The website does require a membership payment to access all the features they have to offer.

Content: Worksheets, games, interactive lessons

Age group: 1 to 8 (kindergarteners)

1National Geographic kids

Nat Geo is definitely one of the most common household names when it comes to education and development. The content Nat Geo puts out is slightly more niche in comparison with the other sites on the list, and what they curate can be best termed as general knowledge.

Nat Geo for kids is super focused on information from around the world, about China, dinosaurs, space missions, and everything in between. They also have videos, articles, and competitions (which not a lot of sites have).

Another great thing about Nat Geo kids is that they have a dynamic website where content is updated regularly, making this an incredible resource for children

Content: General knowledge, articles, competitions

Age group: 10+

Nasa kids’ club

Nasa kids club is a website that is geared toward child space enthusiasts.

Although the website is very educational and simple to use it is extremely niche.

They have solid content, high-definition videos, high-definition images, and a whole lot of child-friendly resources about space missions and satellites.

One thing that sets them apart is their extremely fun and information-filled comics about the same topics.

Content: Space-themed, videos, articles

Age group: 10+

Young ocean explorer

Young ocean explorer as the name suggests is a website for kids who are enthusiastic about the blues below them. This resourceful website that has been created by a father-daughter duo from New Zealand is extremely well presented.

They do a great job of explaining things about the sea, the animals that populate it, and the different kinds that do. What is great about this platform is its extremely eye-catching graphics as well as the extremely child-friendly questions they answer.

They also have fun quizzes and polls that will no doubt keep your child engaged and learning.

Content: Classes, Quizzes, Polls

Age group: 10+

ABC mouse

This website is full of activities and lessons that can prove useful for anyone below ten years of age. They have content on reading, writing, math, and logic.

The great thing about this website is its progressive nature of it, there is also a progress tracker that could quantify your child’s improvement with the passage of time.

Content: Lessons, Activities

Age group: 2 to 8

How stuff works

How stuff works is an excellent resource for kids who are curious about the way things work, and might even be a great way to induce curiosity in your kids. This platform has some of the most substantial content on the internet and encourages children and kids alike to think about things.

They mainly focus on science, culture, and arts. The content How Stuff Works is mostly in the form of written content and can appeal to children and adults alike.

The only downside to this resource is that it doesn’t have the most appealing user interface, is not specifically for kids (but can be used by them), and serves a lot of ads

Content: Articles

Age group: 12+

Oxford Owl

Oxford owl is a platform that again helps children with reading, writing, and math. The content put out by their team is actually done so by teachers who already have an understanding of a child’s capacity, which makes this website all the more reliable.

What sets this website apart is it’s focus on the socially accepted curriculum for children to learn.

This website also enables you to read a wide selection of books directly.

Content: Lessons, quizzes

Age group: 4 to 11

Discovery mind blown

This website is a version of the household name Discovery, they offer some of the best videos, games, articles, and e-books, all on a wide range of topics. Discovery mind blown is geared more toward entertainment, but also put out extremely stimulating video content about dinosaurs, fish, and everything in between. Content: Videos, Articles Age group: 10+

Shaun the sheep game academy:

Shaun the sheep game academy is a completely free resource that was developed by Aardman animators. This platform aims to teach kids how to code games using the software. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to this but it is nevertheless a great one worth mentioning.

Given that coding is becoming an extremely fundamental skill, whose demand is only accelerating with each passing day, this could be a great way to introduce your children to what could otherwise be a daunting subject.

Indulging in the activities of this website also enables your child to develop coding skills, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Content: Computing, Games

Age group: 12+\

On a closing note, we would just like to add that parental discretionary is strongly advised while children are using the internet, because as wonderful as it is it could also be a harmful place when not navigated appropriately

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