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5 Websites that help you design great logos

By AMI Blogger | September 12, 2022

Brand logos are undeniably extremely powerful. They serve as an exclusive point of identification for your company or service and could prove to be of paramount importance when it comes to generating awareness as well as sales.

Choosing to design your own logo online as opposed to an agency or a freelancer is a cost-efficient one, but a question that plagues everyone who makes this choice is whether or not the logo will be designed with the same standard.

So, here is a short list of what we thought were the best websites that help you design your own logo on the internet:

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a fairly easy-to-use website that expects you to enter certain variables on your parts, such as your company name, your industry, a short description of your industry, and whether you want a text-based, an icon-based, or an initial-based logo.

Tailor Brands will further serve you a few samples to get a better understanding of the font and style you find appealing. After which they generate multiple logo options for you to choose from. You also have the option of editing the logo in terms of size, font, and colour after picking it.

Ease of use: Moderate

Customizability: Moderate

Best feature: High quality

Logo Makr

The first thing you interact with on the logo makr platform is an introductional pop up video that explains it’s interface (optional, of course), after which you are redirected to a blank canvas to begin work on.

Logo Makr is considered to have the most do-it-yourself approach to the whole process of logo designing. You can choose from a whole array of pre made icons or choose to build your own from scratch using simple tools like shape, font, and colour.

With logo makr, there is a high focus on customizability, although some people might be intimidated by the idea of having to design a logo from scratch the tools are exceedingly simple and also have an accompanying video that eases the user into the process.

Ease of use: Requires some learning

Customizability: High

Best feature: High customizability


Looka is a website that makes use of AI to generate logos that appeal to you. You are presented with a wide array of options from which you are expected to pick five, this is done with the intention of gauging the style and variables that you find most appealing.

After this, you are expected to pick a colour palette and include any special symbols you would like to incorporate into your logo.

Looka, considering everything will generate logos based on your variables. They are known to produce some extremely professional deliverables that come with high picture quality and resolution.

Ease of use: Easy

Customizability: Moderate

Best feature: Accurately gauges your preference


Brandmark is considered to have the simplest process with effective generations. You are required to type in some keywords (relevant ones, that you associate your brand with) and then choose from pre-packaged colour moods. You are then presented with a carousel of auto-generated logos based on your words.

The only downside to using Brandmark is on occasion you end up with a few strange options with peculiar font and colour pairings, but that is only a small minority of the options that you are presented with.

Ease of use: Easy

Customizability: None without having to purchase it

Best feature: Easy to use and time efficient


With design hill, you start off by picking five logos that appeal to you, and by following that up by selecting colours and your industry. The process itself is extremely simple to follow and is time efficient.

Although the designs this platform provides are very basic and minimalistic, they do a great job in pairing creative typography with appealing colour schemes. They also give you the option of connecting with a vetted designer for further customizability

Ease of use: Easy

Customizability: None without having to purchase it.

Best feature: Easy to use and time efficient

On a closing note, we would like to say that by now, you should hopefully have a few ideas on where to start while designing logos on the internet, and it is important to mention that landing on a good logo is the result of a significant amount of experimenting and exploring. This short listicle is aimed at helping you get started on the process of the same.

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