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10 Famous logos with hidden meaning

By AMI Blogger | September 21, 2022

Logos are no doubt the face of a brand and represent the same. However, a lot of famous logos have a hidden meaning to them, some even have subliminal messaging.

Here is a short listicle illustrating the meaning behind some famous logos, after all, what does a logo symbolize but the visual identity of the brand.


Amazon has an exceptionally famous logo, that is recognised by nearly anyone who has been on the internet, but a little-known fact about this logo is that it does have a lesser-known hidden meaning to it.

The yellow arrow in the logo that goes from the “A” to the “Z” is meant to denote that Amazon sells everything, “from a to z” as the colloquial saying goes.


Unilever is yet another household brand that is known for its wide variety of products and brand mix. But few people know that the logo was designed to project this fact.

The icons represented in the “U” is meant to signify the variety of some of their core products.


The head of the Greek goddess Medusa is what Gianni Versace chose to symbolize his brand, this brand logo is loaded with meaning and also sentiment for the head of Medusa adorned the floor of ruins in Reggio Calabria (where the Versace siblings often played together).

It is also interesting to note that Versace found Medusa to be the epitome of beauty and was fascinated by the myth that stated people fell in love with her and had no escape after that.


This company has an extremely straight forward logo, it is afterall just the name “Gillette”

It might come as a bit of a surprise to know the brand logo meaning of this one considering how simple it really is but upon closer inspection one will notice that the typography of the letters “G” and “I” are extremely sharp.

This was done with the intention of portraying to their audience (in a discreet way) the sharpness of the Gillette razor.


Porsche is another logo with hidden meaning, the logo is said to be a representation of the coat of arms of the city Stuttgart, which is where the headquarters are located.

The horse is of prominence owing to the fact that the city has strong historical relevance to stud farms (it is said the city was initially a stud farm)

Le Tour De France:

This company has a brand logo that has extremely effective subliminal messaging, and more than one at that.

The typographical representation of the letter “O” represents the wheel of a bicycle whereas the yellow splotch is supposed to represent the stage of the daytime races.


Dell is a surprising entry on this list and the brand logo’s meaning is just as surprising.

The slanting “E” that is present in the logo was put there to honour the founder’s desire to in his words “turn the world on its ear”


The  BP logo has a rather different symbolic value than the others in this list, and that is because its meaning of it lies in the colours that have been chosen to represent it. The colours yellow and green are an authentic representation of the sun god Helios as well as all forms of energy.

This just goes on to show that visual communication can take place through colours just as potent as copy, typography, or even design.

National Geographic

Arguably one of the most iconic logos, the logo of Nat Geo also comes with some discreet meaning to it.

The yellow door next to the words National Geographic is meant to represent a door. A door that opens a person to a world of knowledge in every sense. Moreover, the yellow colour of the door is meant to signify the sun which itself is synonymous to light as well as knowledge.


There is no escaping the Wikipedia logo, anyone and everyone who has ever been on the internet has come across this. This logo is a rather interesting one, it is an incomplete globe that is made up of puzzle pieces, moreover, these puzzles also have different characters on them.

This logo is meant to represent the ever-growing nature of knowledge as well as its variously different facets (the different characters on the puzzle pieces), and it does just that.


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