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5 best online website testing tools you should know about

By AMI Blogger | September 12, 2022

Taking into consideration the rapid advancement of technology it isn’t much of a surprise to know that there are many websites on the internet that help you evaluate yours and also a few questions about yours, like how fast the website is and how performance can be improved.

Most of these websites require a payment to proceed but there are a few alternatives that provide good services with a nominal or no amount of payment to be made.

Here is a list of what we found to be the best tools (five of them) on the internet that gauge website speed and performance:

Obey the Law of Locality

GTmetrix’s most used feature is the speed testing one, what this online platform essentially does is test the speed of your website and also offers insights on important aspects such as page performance, page load time, and its total size. More detailed insights, monitoring, and analyzing will require a paid account.

The results you can get from this website are performance scores that are represented by grades A through F and also a tool that informs you why exactly your page is slow.

Apart from all this, GTmetrix is fairly easy to navigate uncomplicated and definitely worth giving a shot to see if it is a good fit

Obey the Law of Locality
​Site 24 x 7

Site 24 x 7 is known for its platform providing substantial service without payment or extremely nominal and small payments for premium services.

The monitoring services they provide their users are: server, network, website, and application monitoring. They also have an extremely versatile platform that is compatible with Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and of course OS X.

This budget friendly platform is definitely worth checking out, and is a more economically friendly alternative to the site Pingdom.

Obey the Law of Locality
​Google page speed insight

Google page speed insight as the name suggests is a feature made available by google. It is extremely reliable and more importantly a free tool.

It’s also extremely simple to navigate, all it requires you to do is plug in your URL, it will then proceed to give you a score for your page speed, give you substantial insights on whether your page is fast, slow, or average.

Detailed information is provided about TTFB, page sizes, as well as render- blocking code. Moreover you also receive an entire list of recommended actions for the aforementioned.

One of the most unique aspects of performance they offer is the distinction between your website’s mobile performance and your website’s desktop performance, an aspect that is very important but more often than not overlooked. Apart from this, google page speed insight also tells you how you can optimize your response time and have better performance.

Obey the Law of Locality
​Varvy page speed optimization

Varvy page speed optimization is another free platform you can use to gain relevant insights. Its most prominent and trusted feature is the one that accurately gauges the speed of the website.

Post plugging in the URL of your required website you will receive a full five-part report that will equip you with relevant insights such as CSS delivery, Java script usage, services, and of course page speed insights.

Moreover, this platform has a section exclusively dedicated to search engine optimization as well as mobile optimization techniques and guides.

All in all the varvy page speed optimization is definitely a platform that could bring your notice to relevant aspects and improvements.

Obey the Law of Locality

Uptrends again is an extremely straightforward platform with an easy to navigate user interface. They allow the user the choice to configure the test to run from a desktop or  a mobile device based on your needs and convenience.

Furthermore it also allows you to pick the desired resolution of the screen and even the bandwidth, this allows you a deeper gauge into the testing of the site in different scenarios and instances. This no doubt  gives the website owner a much more detailed and advantageous report on how his/ her website is being perceived.

On a concluding note,it is important to mention that the internet is extremely  resourceful with a plethora of choices and given that each platform has unique options the best way to navigate this is by being absolutely certain about the features and aspects most important to your website and going after the website that offers more insights on those ones specifically.

As many times as this has been said, the way to  perceive and make choices in this is not from the vantage point of hierarchy but from the point of compatibility and better suited features.

It also makes sense to mention that while finding the right website to gauge yours a little bit of experimenting is required, and although it can be a time consuming process it is one of those where cutting corners must be avoided, in the spirit of longevity.

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