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Future Of Instagram Marketing

By AMI Blogger | September 23, 2022

The most kind of marketing we are seeing in today’s world that is on the rise is social media marketing,  and a subset of that which is doing exceedingly well is Instagram marketing owing to the fact that it has a wide range of active audiences that engage with the content. Moreover, Instagram has also witnessed a massive explosion in its users over the past few years, and users who organically engage with each other and the content that is being produced on it.

No matter what your individual stance is on social media marketing or the future of social media marketing it is an undeniable fact that Instagram is now one of the most effective avenues of digital marketing.

Here is a listicle that contains some fairly conservative predictions made about the future of Instagram marketing:

  • Instagram reels: Instagram reel is a new feature added by the app that puts out content in the form of short videos with music, this format is meant to mimic the format employed by TikTok (which was gaining raging popularity) This feature is said to blow up and lead to a lot of content shared in this format. Short-form video content seems like the thing that is going to be an Instagram trend for a while now.
  • Instagram commerce tools We all know Instagram is becoming more and more a place of business that sees a transaction in goods and services, with the introduction of the Instagram shop we can only expect this aspect to accelerate. Instagram marketing is now inclusive of “browse shops”, “editors picks”, “link shop” and more Some of the tools Instagram has provided to encourage shopping on their site are stories stickers, Instagram checkout, live shopping, and shoppable posts. It is safe to assume that the feature of being able to buy products from Instagram is here to stay. Their press release also claims that they are trying to make the act of shopping as seamless as possible.
  • Instagram carousel posts are definitely on the rise, with different backgrounds and the option of including more content. They are easy to interact with and an efficient way to convey information (the caption is not always effective) It is safe to say that carousel posts are not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Diversity and inclusion The social trend at this point is to sport and promote diversity and inclusion of previously marginalized communities. 2020 saw Instagram spotlight black lives matter,  this spotlighting of a social phenomenon is here to stay especially since a lot of Instagram’s users make use of the platform to vocalize their opinions.
  • Influencer marketing is the newest kind of marketing out there. Predictions say that this is not likely to go away anytime soon and that Instagram will focus on the quality of the influencer rather than building up on the quantity of the influencers. The Covid situation has also majorly disrupted the traditional advertising avenues, which has led to digital and social media advertising having the lion’s share.
  • More authenticity A lot of people are realizing the superficiality of social media and Instagram in particular, which has given birth to a new wave of authenticity where people post more content (visual as well as editorial) that is authentic and honest. More and more people are putting up “normal” things as opposed to putting up an act for the camera. Substantial and taboo topics are discussed and normalized throughout the process. This is bringing people a sense of wholesomeness and will most likely be continuing for the time being.
  • Microblogging platform Despite the fact that video content is getting shorter, absurdly enough the editorial content (captions) is getting longer. This just goes on to show how Instagram is slowly also acting as a micro-blogging site where people share prose and long-form (relatively long) More people have taken to storytelling through their captions.
  • Shift to virtual brand events The shift was happening towards more virtual events but the pandemic has accelerated that to a point where virtual events are now the norm A whole array of brands choose to launch and interact with their customer base virtually now. What used to take place in contact events now takes place through a screen. It is an obviously more cost-efficient way of going about it.

As a conclusion we would like to mention that Instagram trends as well as social media marketing is constantly changing rapidly and the aforementioned list is just one that is made with conservative guesses, the chances that something else happens or that Instagram will be overthrown by another site even, is extremely high.

Everything in the digital landscape must be looked at like a volatile element.

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