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How to utilize an audience psychographic for advertising

By AMI Blogger | September 29, 2022

Before we get into the whole relationship between psychographic analysis and persuasion let us first discuss what psychographic analysis really is?

Simply put psychographics is the study and analysis of people’s interests, beliefs, and attitudes. It is studied in the context of target markets, persuasion, as well as advertising. Psychographic analysis has a wide variety of applications when it comes to marketing and market research. It is a proven fact that a lot of concrete conclusions can be derived from a particular individual’s age, income, educational background, and occupation.

Psychographic data in conjunction with demographic data can be extremely advantageous when it comes to knowing and gauging what your audience wants.

Some psychographic factors are as follows:
  • Age
  • Income
  • Educational Background
  • Marital status
  • Residential location
Some areas where you can gather consumer psychographic are as follows:
  • Market research firms
  • Focus groups
  • Customer service groups
  • Detailed data analytics

Some ways to employ psychographic analysis for advertising are as follows: It is true that psychographics is mostly used in market research but this by no means implies that it can not be used in advertising and persuasion.

  • Make sure to set up a more refined social media audience If you are familiar with Facebook ads and campaigns you will know by now just how niche your target audience can be. You can refine your target audience by digging deeper and feeding specific information and criteria. Once, identified and refined the target audience you can analyze the psychographics of said audience and look for commonalities. Are their political inclinations similar? Do their affinities coincide? These are a few examples of all the things you can uncover during a psychographic test, it may also lead you to opportunities and avenues you had not previously considered.
  • Will lead to more compelling advertisements Leveraging emotional triggers is by far one of the most effective ways when it comes to marketing your products. It is easier to do this when you have solid consumer psychographic data backing you, it leads to you presenting your products or services in a much more compelling way that is relevant to them. You will be equipped with their interests, desires, inclinations, and affinities. This can be used to come up with campaigns that align itself with these variables (A lot of big brands do this by aligning themselves with socially relevant factors).
  • Identify new content buckets Psychographics is a great way to expand your content buckets to swell up. The more you dig into psychographic analysis the wider the content margins and strategies you can employ. This gives a lot of way for substantial expansion.
  • Improve conversion pathways Custom conversion pathways offered by google analytics to measure specific goals. Incorporating. You can identify why and which people convert into consumers and which ones do not. Applying psychographic data also allows you to tackle extremely specific elements, problems can be dealt with more focus.
  • Helps you reinforce your brand messaging Brand messaging and advocacy are the important aspects of any company. One way to really accelerate brand messaging and ensuring efficiency with this messaging is to do so with the help of psychographic analysis. A convenient way to do this is to employ psychograpic analysis and make sure the messaging is more relevant, and appealing to them. (It is obvious that teenagers prefer a certain way of being spoken to, millenials have different preferences. So it makes sense to give weightage to psychographic analysis when it comes to brand messaging).
  • More targeted email marketing blasts Email marketing is still considered one of the most efficient ways of marketing, employing psychgraphic analysis and coming up with emails that serve their purpose. Given how popular emails are this could be a source of substantial conversions.

On a concluding note it makes sense to mention that psychographic analysis have a massive scope in the advertising industry, and if employed in the right way with appropriate strategy it can be a point of great differentiation. Moreover, a lot of successful companies have been using this for a long time. Campaigns that revolve around psychographic consumer data have known to perform much better and sustain the brand image for longer. Some good examples for campaigns that have done well with the help of consumer psychographics are:

De Beers: a diamond is a girl’s best friend, The Marlboro man, and Avis’s we try harder campaign

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