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Top email marketing strategies

By AMI Blogger | September 19, 2022

Even though it has been around for a while now, email marketing is still relevant and one of the most  effective ways of marketing. Moreover email marketing is one of the most cost efficient to go about and communicate with your audience, not to mention how easy it is to send an email to multiple people at the same time today.

Successful email campaigns can be run by factoring in some of these strategies:

1. Obey the Law of Locality

Personalization of emails does not mean you painstakingly craft an email for each customer individually but rather make use of customer data and an automated personalization software or service. A good example for a company that does this is Amazon. Amazon’s emails always read in the format “Dear, Raghav” as opposed to generic approach other companies adopt, like “Dear, valued customer”

This goes a long way in the way your brand or company is perceived, and also helps in the customer feeling more comfortable with it. Personalization is known to bring in a higher revenue when compared to generic ones.

Another aspect that enhances email marketing is using the customer’s name in the subject line. Having the name increases the open rate of the email significantly.

Dividing your subscribers into segments:

According to industry experts, segmentation is one of the most effective way to execute email marketing. Segmenting your target group enables you to understand and cater to them with a certain level of specialisation that boosts your open and click rate enormously. There are of course multiple ways to segment your target group, but here are a few suggestions for the metrics you use for the segmentation:

  • Segment by industry: Different industries have different preferences and using this segment in order to partition your customers could be an effective one.
  • Segment based on company size: Segregating based  on company size and number of employees is also an accurate way to anticipate behaviour and needs.
  • Segregation based on sales cycle: Sales cycle refers to the cycle that people are in before completing a sale (like early stage buyers, mid stage buyers etc). It makes sense to alter your approach based on the stage they are in. It goes without  saying that early stage buyers would require more convincing compared to their counterparts)
Consider sending our mobile friendly emails

So, it makes sense to deliver emails that have mobile friendly specifications. Moreover, people check their phones more regularly than anything else. One thing to make sure while executing this step is to make sure to have a CTA that is bold and obvious. Studies also show that the revenue generated by emails that are mobile friendly are significantly higher than the ones that are desktop centric, 36% higher to be exact.

A good way to execute this step with ease is by creating them with a responsive email design, which essentially means that the user will have an optimum experience regardless of the screen and device they are using to view the email.

Introduced automated emails based on the behaviour of the user

Trigger based emails are essentially emails that are sent out immediately based on the user of the behaviour. The most common examples for these kinds of emails are welcome and thank you ones. Employing trigger based emails as opposed to traditional emails could be massively affect your click through ratio (the click through ratio for the two aforementioned emails are 49% and 95% respectively)

Some other formats of trigger emails you could indulge in are: activation campaigns, renew interest campaigns, and surprise campaigns.

Brevity is key everywhere

With people’s attention span being more fractured than ever, it is important to note the length of the communication. Not everyone will be willing to spend more than a certain amount of time on an email, no matter how interesting or substantial it is. The paucity for time is something we all face. Keeping this in mind it is advantageous to keep your email the appropriate length.

This step requires a little bit of research on appropriate email length as well as appropriate email length for your industry.

In conclusion the numbers show that email marketing is still very capable of delivering effective results provided they are executed properly. With a little bit of a tweak in the approach they could be a real game changer.

Trends are extremely dynamic and volatile to say the least, the best way to approach this particular form of marketing and any other is to be cautiously experimental. To be experimental and draw conclusions based on concrete observation. Based on that you can proceed to implement whatever elicits a better response from the customers.

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