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Types of software testing?

By AMI Blogger | September 19, 2022

Integration testing

This kind of testing is done to evaluate how a group of attributes or units work as a structure. The combined output of these many units is what is looked at. Integration testing itself has many different types, they are: top down approach, bottom down approach, sandwich approach, and big bang approach to name a few.

Regression testing

It is obvious that every time there is a new component added to the program it alters the program. Regression testing is the kind that ensures the smooth working of the program post these additions as well.

Smoke testing

Smoke testing is an extremely preliminary kind of testing that makes sure the software in question is stable enough to proceed to the next stage and further testing. The reason this is called smoke testing is because it is done in order to check if the software did not catch the fire or the smoke in the preliminary switch on.

Alpha testing

Alpha testing is considered to be a sort of testing that validates the software, it is usually done before the software is released to the people.

Beta testing

The beta testing of the software when a select few are given access to it for a sort of trial run, the users that are involved in a beta run are required to report back on the discrepancies they observed while making use of the said software.

The software is available only to a limited amount of users for testing in a real time environment.

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