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What are the best ways of using LinkedIn for Content Marketing?

By AMI Blogger | September 6, 2022

Want a good platform for content marketing? Then absolutely LinkedIn is a great place for networking and growing your business.

Surprisingly, it becomes the world’s largest and fastest-growing professional network with more than 700 million members worldwide. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional network site that helps you make business connections, find jobs, and engage with others through likes, comments, and shares. Sharing your status updates and running targeted ads has become easy through LinkedIn. It is a platform that helps you build brand awareness and relationships with consumers. It stands out from other social platforms when it comes to content distribution/ marketing. Being a content-focused platform, LinkedIn has more than 9 billion content impressions every week.

But what makes LinkedIn work well for content marketing? Here are some best ways of using LinkedIn for content marketing. 

  1. 1. Keep a compelling headline for the article 

Creating engaging titles can, however, be a challenge. Why? Because it helps to decide readers whether to read your stuff or not. Headings can improve article performance. You must optimize your articles for your readers just as you do for your website. When posting on LinkedIn, try to keep the length of the article title somewhere between 40-49 characters since such articles receive the greatest number of post views overall. 

A compelling and accurate headline is the need of the game to reach your audience.

So, keeping the title short and catchy is vital. 

  1. Keep your articles easy to digest

While posting any article, make sure to keep your content clear and crisp so that can easily stick in the mind. No need to use jargon or terminology outside of your industry.  Articles that are easy to read get way more views on LinkedIn than those that are not! When marketing content, divide your article clearly and appropriately using headings and subheadings to improve its presentation and readability. Writing self-explanatory subheadings is recommended. So that anyone reading the article instantly knows what each section is about and can skim to those relevant to them if they wish.

  1. 3. Publish long-form content

What’s the bonus to publish long-form content on LinkedIn? It helps to reach or engage a targeted audience and gets more exposure for your content. According to research from BuzzSumo and Backlinko, long-form content is also more likely to be shared. Long-form articles between 1,900-2,000 words gain the greatest number of post views, likes, comments, and shares. Due to changes in consumer behavior, more and more of us want in-depth information in order to make decisions on new purchases. If an article provides value and resolves a specific issue many of us are happy to read on, regardless of length!

  1. Grow your network

LinkedIn is somewhat different from other social networks and requires a different approach. Before growing your network, make sure to complete your profile page first.

Start inviting like-minded people to connect with you on LinkedIn. To get connected, start sending personalized messages, and add an email signature to your LinkedIn URL. Finally, join and participate in groups to grow your connection. With almost five hundred members joining every minute, LinkedIn is a platform having a bundle of relevant opportunities for professionals. Apparently, the wide network helps your content get noticed by more people. 

  1. Choose and join the right group

Participation in a group related to your niche should be your primary aim. There are many such groups on LinkedIn that you can always join to connect with fellow competitors. It will boost the traffic of your company and will offer better visibility to your business at the same time. How to choose the right group? While finding a group, look at the number of participating members and the culture of interaction happening within the group. Look for the number of articles that have been posted in the last month and the number of comments each of them has received.

Keep checking the statistics box which gives you an idea about the active members’ ratio and their culture of interaction.

  1. Promote your content

When you post an article on LinkedIn, only a small portion of your network receives a notification. Promote it yourself via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. You have to ask readers to like and share your article in order to maximize its exposure. Discover ways to provide value to those who follow you without directing them off LinkedIn to content on your website. Instead, try to create and publish blogs and how-to guides on LinkedIn that answer questions of your followers to become a trusted source of expertise. 

As you keep posting content in relation to their question, you can then think about promoting either one or two of your Blogs and eBooks every month. But keep in mind that excessive self-promotion is an easy way to lose followers too.

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