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What is Microsoft Access?

By AMI Blogger | September 6, 2022

Microsoft Access or MS Access is a database management system ( DBMS) developed by Microsoft. Also called a relational database (organizing data in a form of tables linked with cross-related fields), it combines the relational Microsoft JET  database engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools. Do you know Microsoft Access is a member of the Microsoft 365 suite and a member of the Office suite of applications as well? 

Microsoft Access (MS) is used to store data in the format based on the Access Jet Database Engine. It can also import as well a link directly to data stored in other applications and databases. Using MS Access; software developers, data architects, and power users can develop application software.  Microsoft Access is most popular for its tables, forms, and queries. The (MS) database tables are similar to spreadsheets. When setting up a database, one must list down the subject matter of each column, just a spreadsheet, and add as many columns as one likes. 

4 Steps to keep in Mind

To use MS Access, you have to keep these four steps in mind:

  • Database Creation: Create a Microsoft Access database and specify what kind of data you will be storing in it.
  • Data Input: After creating the database, the data of the business day can be entered into the Access database.
  • Query: It is a fancy term to basically describe the process of retrieving information from the database.
  • Report: Information from a database should be organized in a very nice presentation that can be printed in an Access Report.

Benefits of Microsoft Access

The main benefits of Microsoft Access are its ease to use, user-friendly, and seamless integrations.

  1. Ease of Use

Microsoft Access is designed in a way that allows users to use it very easily. Even fresher succeed in navigating and using the software very easily. The available inbuilt templates can be created and customized using the existing applications and can help in creating a database in a seamless and easiest way. The software also features user-friendly forms backed by Visual Basics for Applications (VBA) and can be used for automating business processes. Apart from creating databases, this software can also be used to contact banks, set reminders, and track assets and timelines. It can create and manage charts, calendars, etc.

  1. User-Friendly

Microsoft Access does not require complex technical knowledge to make it work, hence, making it a great software to use for individuals without coding skills but it needs software that can create and share applications and can also boost the efficiency of the team and the productivity of the business. Users can create a database format that can best suit their business. It is even possible and easy to create applications with the help of this software. For easy sharing of applications and better security, users can choose to store their application and its data on cloud storage but there is local storage too for the users who do not prefer using cloud storage.

  1. Seamless Integrations

To increase the usage and help users make the most of the software, Microsoft Access can work very well along with other business applications and a lot of different data sources through its connector library. The software’s DB enables users to store their data in Azure SQL and SQL Service to make sure that all the information can be easily managed, remains reliable, and is full of security.


The main features of Microsoft Access are:

  • Ideal for individual users and smaller teams: Microsoft Access is a simple desktop application that does not require any specific hardware or license to function. Hence, it is ideal for individual users and smaller teams who do not require larger and more complicated databases for an extra price.
  • Easier than a client-server database to understand and use: Computer applications like Microsoft Access have many applications which were earlier relegated to the client-server database. Users of MS Access do not need to undergo any special training to use the application. Users of Microsoft Excel find MS Access easier since it is similar to Excel.
  • Import and export to other Microsoft Office and other applications:                                                                                One of the most useful features of Microsoft Access is its ability to interface with data from other programs. It allows to combination of data that was created in other programs and transfer data between two other programs, or to accumulate and store data, occasionally exporting data to other programs such as Excel for analysis.
  • One of the most important features that users really like is that it does not need to finalize the tables manually. Also, Microsoft Access has a query function that allows the combining of the information for more than one table. This saves a lot of time because one does not have to look through rows and rows of information.

Pricing Plans

Microsoft Access pricing is available in the following plans:

  1. 1. The pricing for Office 365 Home is of  $7.99/month.                            
  2. 2. The pricing for Office 365 Personal is $5.99/month.            
  3. 3. The pricing for Only Microsoft Access is $139.99.                      
  4. The pricing for Office Professional 2016 (1 PC) is $499.99.


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