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Where to start with hybrid mobile app development?

By AMI Blogger | September 20, 2022

Hybrid mobile app frameworks are a thing of convenience, not to mention flexibility. Code can be written once and then  reused based on necessity for multiple platforms like progressive web applications, desktop applications, android as well as ios.

Here is a listicle of a  few pre existing frameworks that will help you get started on hybrid mobile app development:

Ionic Framework Tree shaking

Ionic Framework is an open source SDK made for the purpose of easy hybrid mobile app development. What this platform essentially does is provide you with the tools and services required such as Sass, CSS, and HTML5 to make the process hassle free for you. The apps that are built on this platform can also be distributed on app stores.

React Native

React Native allows you to build apps exclusively using Javascript. This framework allows you to build an app that is indistinguishable from an app that has been traditionally built using Objective- C or Java. This is because React Native employs the same basic User Interface blocks as their counterpart apps. Which is also why using React native gives you an extremely rich high quality user interface.

Framework 7

Framework 7 is yet another free, as well as open source mobile HTML framework that can be employed to build hybrid mobile apps or PWAs (Progressive web applications) while retaining the native feel of it. The distinguishable feature of framework 7 is that it is compatible with other tools like NW.js and Electron that can come in handy while building desktop apps.

Framework 7 also offers a whole range of elements for JS frameworks such as Svelte, React, asd Vue.

Distinguishable features of Framework 7 are:

  • Hardware accelerated animations
  • Route pages
  • Multiple views support
  • Page transition animation
  • Library agnostic
  • Native scrolling
Kendo UI

The framework of this platform is open source but is geared to target more enterprise customers, which means payment is required to make use of this. It comes with a wide array of widgets that are ready to use (including but not limited to jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue). The platform was built with the ideal that it’s customers are able to build high performance hybrid apps as quickly as possible.

A lot of major companies use Kendo UI, chief among them are HP and Nasa. Apart from that they have over 140,000 companies all around the globe who use their services. They also have excellent support and come with the guarantee that all of their components adhere to the strictest QA process.


Quasar is powered by Vue.js. It helps their developers to simultaneously write code as well as deploy their website, mobile app, and desktop. All using the same code. Quasar is considered to have one of the most cutting edge technologies that adhere to the google materials guidelines. Quasar is also completely free, uses open source, and is licensed under MIT.

Here are some things they offer:

  • HTML/ CSS/ js minification
  • Tree shaking
  • Cache bursting
  • Source mapping
  • Code Slipping
  • Lazy loading

The modules that Aurelia offers can be used as stand alones by themselves or in any Node.js or Java Script project. Aurelia calls itself “A collection of modern javascript modules, which when used together, function as a powerful platform for building browser, desktop, and mobile applications. Aurelia strictly follows web standards and can be integrated into most networks and libraries. Aurelia’s ecosystem comprises of but is not limited to, internationalisation, validation, plugins for state management and also comes with tools like Chrome debugger and VS code plugin. This hybrid mobile app is also completely free, uses open source software, and is also licensed under MIT. Some features offered by Aurelia are:

  • Dependency injection
  • Templating
  • Binding
  • Routing
Ext JS

Ext JS apart from enabling you to build hybrid mobile apps also enables you to build cross platform end to end web apps by employing Javascript and HTML5. They are considered to have the best java framework out there and are used by major companies like Apple, Adobe, Cisco, and Nvidia.

This platform is also said to be the most suited for enterprises.

Some attributes offered by them are: providing a native feel across all the platforms they support, create high performance apps, provide ready-to- use widgets, as well as a drag-and-drop HTML5 visual.

Svelte Native

Svelte Native is a fledgeling framework that provides these services. Despite the fact that they are relatively new they are on the rise among developers owing to the simplicity of their framework. Svelte Native stands apart because they work into a compile time at build time. They also offer code that enables the updating of native view widgets when there is a change in the stage of the app.

Since the app is new, you might find a few glitches and errors in the process (minor ones) but the team actively works to make it better with each passing day.


Xamarin is based in California and owned by microsoft. They use a C# codebase that is shareable by nature. The thing about Xarin is that it allows it’s users the tools to also write native iOS, Android and window apps that use native interfaces.

This is also considered one of the top contenders in this industry and is known for its efficiency and ability to save you time by making sure you can re-use all the elements you possibly can.

On a concluding note, we would like to say that hybrid app development has grown popular over the past few years. They have a massive edge over their native counterparts in terms of better ROI, easier prototyping, and faster development.

With the advancements in this field it could be extremely advantageous to adopt this approach  and that there is bey little distinction between the apps that have been built the traditional way and the hybrid development way in terms of performance as well as look and feel

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