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Video SEO strategy for your online busines

By AMI Blogger | September 20, 2022

Video is one of the most compelling ways to boost your engagement as well as business. The way people consume their content these days has no doubt shifted from an editorial format to a visual one. Choosing to put out visual content in video format means increasing your brand awareness as well as engagement. Videos are also said to have a higher chance of exploding and increasing your SEO. Moreover, youtube which is a video sharing platform accounts for  37% of all mobile internet traffic , which is also the largest share in comparison with the others.

Here is a strategy you can adopt that could lead to your video content exploding on the internet.
What type of content should your business employ?

There are multiple video genres out there today that warrant merit, but what is important to note is to discern  which one aligns most with your company, it’s ideals, and goals. A few formats to explore are:

  • Product reviews Most consumers prefer to buy products or even services after gathering sufficient reviews, so there is a lot of merit in producing visual content that talks about product reviews.
  • Explanation videos Explanation videos are made with the goal of educating your customer about your product and also how to use it. Google also claims that videos that follow the “how-to” format are the most popular ones.
  • Live Streams The point of life streams is to interact with your customers in a more casual way, where they feel more connected to you that  cannot be festered with a scripted video.
  • Testimonials and interviews This is very similar to reviews but the only differentiator is in interviewing famous  people or ones with a certain level of social clout to talk about their experience of the product.
  • Webinars Webinars are meant to educate your customers in a deeper way, and can also be used to clarify questions and queries.
Where to post the video content

There are multiple platforms that accept video content and where video content do well. Some of the places you can do so are:

  • Youtube
  • Video ads on Google display network
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Optimization of the content

Some ways to boost your content on video sharing platforms is by taking these simple steps

  • Adding subtitles to your video This ensures that the viewers have a better viewing experience as a lot of people are accustomed to reading transcripts. This also helps in crossing the language barrier which allows your content to be viewed by a much larger audience.
  • Keeping the length of the video short There is a certain length of content that is known to do better. This depends on different factors like the nature of the content and the platform. A little bit of research is required to gauge the  ideal length of the video based on your variables,but is worth engaging.
  • Optimizing titles Using certain words and  phrases in your titles automatically increases it’s SEO score thus ensuring a wider audience.
  • Optimizing thumbnails Videos that have thumbnails are known to perform much better than ones that do not. Furthermore, videos that have custom thumbnails that are exclusive to their content is known to perform the best.
  • Including cards and end screens Videos that have cards at the end of the videos that are relevant  to the content they are producing lead to more interaction and participation. Some things to be kept  in mind while using end cards are: making them relevant, links to playlists, and using them in the end.
  • Foster emotional branding Engage in elements such as “like, comment, and subscribe” Some good ways to execute this is by specifying what they should leave their comments about, offer perks, and engage in conversation in the comments.
  • Aim for video featured snippets Video snippets can feature in google searches now. In order for your video to do this you should include specific key phrases in the video’s title.
Find a niche

Today’s world has been extremely atomised and bifurcated to the point where the more specific your content is the better it has a possibility of  doing. Picking a niche and sticking to it could be more advantageous than it seems. A lot of the content on the internet that does well only does so because they cater to a very specific set of them but do it well.

On a concluding note, it is necessary to acknowledge that the aforementioned steps aren’t all that hard to execute. Granted, there is a learning curve to it, the more time you spend doing it, and the more time you analyse the people around you who are doing similar things, the faster you get a hang of it.


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