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Wix logo maker v/s Custom logo making Alt: Wix logo maker or Custom logo for your business

By AMI Blogger | September 20, 2022

As mentioned before, brand logos are undeniably extremely powerful. They serve as an exclusive point of identification for your company or service, and could prove to be of paramount importance when it comes to generating awareness as well as sales. It goes without saying that having a logo that truly reflects the company and its ideals could lead to an enormous amount of brand awareness as well as a positive association with it. There are two distinct approaches you can take when it comes to procuring a logo, design it manually and digitize it or make use of an online logo generator like wix.

It’s essential to note that there is no objective ‘better’ approach  when it comes to these things, but  rather what is more suitable to your conditions and variables.

Wix logo generator

Wix is an online platform that enables you to set up an online website and also generates logo for your desired specifications. With an extremely simple user interface, all you  have to do is sign up and put in some variables (company name and slogan). Wix presents you with multiple template samples and requires you to choose which ones you find more appealing, this helps wix get a better understanding of what it is you exactly want. Based on all this, wix presents you with a  couple final deliverables you can choose from.

The great thing about wix is that it is extremely customizable and editable at any stage. The editor on the website is also flexible enough and tries to give you a deliverable you

Advantages of using wix:
  • Easy to use
  • Time efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • High customizability
Customizing your logo from scratch

While it might be very tempting to opt for an online logo generator, there are a lot of pro(s) to considering building one from scratch. Like we all know, your logo is quite literally the face of  your brand and is most likely one of the first visuals people get to see and associate with your business, which is why some people think it’s best not  to entrust this to a computer program or algorithm. The biggest advantage you  have when customizing your logo from scratch is reveling in the fact that it is completely original. The possibility that a logo generator will procure you an unoriginal logo, or a logo that has stark resemblance to another is extremely high, after all it’s just a software that churns deliverables based on variables. There most likely are several other businesses that have  the same or  at least similar specifications as yours. Granted that it is a more time consuming process, the logo you procure will serve you well. Choosing to customize and build your logo from scratch means you will be in possession of a logo that is original and obviously highly specific to your needs and tastes.

Advantages of building a customized logo:
  • 100% authentic
  • Highly specific to your exact needs

On a closing note, it is essential to consider both options in terms of the stage your business is in, sometimes it is more advantageous to take the time- efficient approach and other times  it could be more advantageous to invest the same.

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